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I always grow herbs every year and get a good turn out every year. The problem is that herbs grow so much that other herbs don't get light and if they are sprouts then they could quite possible die. How can I stop this happening without cutting it back
James, it must it all seem so worthwhile when you receive such helpful posts like the first one.
I'm new to herb growing and would like to build the herb garden I saw Alan T build on TV. As I remember it, it was a structure made of breeze blocks surrounded by soil with lawn on top and places for herbs to be planted along the sides. Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of the plans or the video. thanks


Anonymus: Thank you. My mistake, I meant second names rather than surnames. Bradley: The solution is quite simply to plant the herbs a little further apart or in separate pots. Byrnesunit: It is a pity that such comments are usually anonymous: it makes it difficult for me to properly express my gratitude. Lesres: Mint is the worst offender. If you watch this video ( Monty will show you how.

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