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Sounds as if many of you were a bit disappointed with last year's crop, here's to the 2011 crop....and well done to those whose were as good as ever! I have to say, mine are still being enjoyed here and the flavour is faultless....albeit the portions smaller!
I have had agood crop of leeks.Grown under enviromesh.U nfortunately some of them have developed rust. Any ideas?

I cant find advice on feeding leeks anywhere. Ive had conflicting advice from, not feeding at all to them being very hungry(for What?)

Please give detailed instructions on growing leeks as I never been successful with them

When   &    How ?


hubby grew them last year.. did very well.. dodnt get too big but we are going to start planting up this month for this eyars.. we started ours off in pots last year and planted out when good and strong..



sorry about spelling.. cant find glasses.. arbutus1.. start sowing end of this month and try off in pots in greenhouse or sheltered spot first.. we didnt feed ours..they seem to like and free draining sandy soil.. so whether that is why i do not know.

will check with hubby to make sure i have got it right.

Over the last 5yrs i have been growing in raided beds as my plot gets very wet and i have raised up 9ins,This year i grew BANDIT and an unnamed russian variety,the BANDIT were VERY good,the russian were 17ins of blanch,and very tasty, with both leeks i won 1st prize at my local show. I also grow Robinsons pot leeks also a prize winner. I start my leeks of the20th January in a propergator,I always use clover compost with added sand for drainage,by mid Feb the leeks are at crock stage and ready for potting up,i use clover compost and pot up in 24 cell trays, the better leeks i pot into 3ins pots for the show.
I planted my Leeks in doors in jan/Feb in modules, but they are still small,less than 3 inches high.
I have been advised to replant them in deeper trays/pots, will this be alright for this year?.

Hi Leonard, yes, they'll be ok.  Leeks are one of the few veg which can keep growing over the winter - I am often still harvesting them in March.  I've just transplanted mine (which were about the same size as yours) from 40-plant per tray modules into 5cm square pots (15 per tray) and will grow them on like that until I lift the first row of potatoes, which they'll immediately replace.  Even after a week the growth has picked-up noticeably.  As members of the onion family, leeks are very hungry plants and will benefit from being transplanted into larger modules/small pots of fresh compost.

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