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I also planted my leeks without thinking about it, in the shade of my runner bean wigwam and the crop is not so good this year.
you would be better not to plant leeks or any of the onion family near beans as the smell prevents the bees sussing out your bean flowers and you could have poor pollination. Sorry about your leeks this year, Pippa. I skipped them this year as my freezer still has a glut of leek and potato soup from last year but the self-sown ones look very healthy. My productive garden was designed for a family of nine, which we used to be, but now I am on my own I keep over-producing - so hard to adapt - and i don't get the same satisfaction from a bunch of my own flowers. My gardening "Bible" tells me that leeks will only grow well if they have uninterrupted growth and last year we had a late spring followed by a drought of about five weeks so the conditions were very poor for leeks.
we have chickens in our garden and use the compost to mix with the earth.our potatoes are like giants and the leeks are on the large size as moths here but very large worms.
more a question than a comment. Hosta in a big pot..splendid.. now that they are whilting. how do I treat them.
I did the same with my leeks with the same sort of results but my bean wigwam I planted in the sun and had continous beans--best I've ever had. The caterpillers made short work of my brassicas though despite picking them off every day


I have some pots of 3 year-old strawberry plants that still have runners with roots. I have left it rather late but can I still cut them from the mother plant and pot them on?
My leeks are disappointing too! I'm sure it's the strange seasons we are experiencing. I have apple blossom out!
My leeks this year have been disastrous. They have been attacked by what sounds like the moth that Pippa describes and are so skinny. Does anyonhe know if they will grow fatter or shall we put it down to experience and get rid. Looking at others on our allotments mine seem to be the worse.
my leeks have been very good this year .i left them till late .planted them in same bed as my early potatoes after the spuds had been lifted .dont know if this really helped .but it worked.also planted them deep and dont back fill let the watering do it
My leeks are also rather feeble this year. They are in a raised bed that is partly shaded by a silver birch, and those most in the shade are least good. Had wondered whether this was due to competition for moisture from the tree. My onions were also rather small this year. Hadn't realised they might need additional watering over the spring/summer. Will learn for next time!
like Pippa my Leeks are suffering this year half the size. Also Broccoli doing nothing tempted to dig up.
one cap thick bleach & a good squirt of fairy liquid to4 ltrs of water spray leeks and moths cannot lay eggs on your produce
nowt wrong with my leeks this last year im in a leek show and i won best leek in show and came 4th overall with 2 leeks also came 2nd&3rd with my dressed onions


my leeks also suffered this year what i got were only the size of large spring onions!!!! and the later ones had all gone rotten in the middle (looked lovely from the outside) dont know what caused this dave
thanks tommelco for the advice for leek moth deterrent- nearly everyone lost their leeks on our allotments this year- mine disappeared without hardly a trace, and i had covered them with environmesh- but not well enouth apparently!
In the 8 years that we grow our own vegetables, this is the first year that our leeks have failed. They are the size of spring onions. All our other crops - and we grow almost everything - have done well. I blame the dry weather that we had in July, here in Cambridgeshire. No warming leek and potato soups for us this winter.
I grew giant pot leeks this year and they certainly lived up to their name! a wonderful crop of large dark green leeks.