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last year grew sets and onions fom seed.the sets looked good early on ,but the seed overtook them and had best crop ever. this year trying three types marc, globo, and kelsae. im not growing for shows and would like tips concerning the onions ive tip ive recieved is allways feed kelsae from roots ////
I grew onions from seed last year and had no problem at all and got a good crop. I have been looking at onion sets and find the biggest drawback is that they all contain 40-50 sets. This is far too many for my small veg plot and if I don't use all of them it pushes the price per onion up. At least with seeds I can sow as few or as many as I like and they still work out cheaper.

Well, so far my sets are outdoing my seeds, but I'm hoping that I get the same result as billm!!

In Geoff Hamilton's Ornamental Kitchen Garden he suggested not thinning out your onion seedlings but letting them push each other apart once in the ground.  Has anyone tried this method?

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