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My neighbour told me to repot my orchid as soon as i bought it as the roots were coming out of the top of the pot. She put it in a glass pot , but I am worried about airflow and drainage/ There is a layer of pebbles on the bottom . Does anyone have any advice please as all the ones i see in shops are in clear plastic pots with drainage holes at the base
In reply to hp about his/her keiki (I didn't know that was what it is called)I had the same happen on one of my moth orchids. Mine grew to three leaves before it also produced an aerial root. I detached it, planted it in orchid compost and it seems healthy after about 6 months though not yet growing any more leaves. The other thing that occurs to me is whether it might be worth wrapping it with some moist moss for a month or so while still on the stem before detaching it.
I have an orchid that has grown a plant in place off a bloom do i leave it on mother plant or revove thanks Sylvia

i have had my orchid for 3 years now last year it flowered its had off but i realise now i made the mistake of cutting the spike too low  and what i thought were flowering spikes  i think are now roots !!! i even tied one to a cane  they are so long i know now i have to repot -what size pot and do i cut the roots anita


I've had this orchid for about 2 years. Last year it didn't produce any flowers but A "baby" near the top of the spike. I wrapped it in cling film with some orchid bark, it has a few fleshy roots also some little leaves, but I have no idea when to separate it from the host. I would be grateful for any advice please

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