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We grew beans and potatoes this year for the first time and we quickly realized that we didn't grow near enough. They were so much better than anything we'd gotten at the store. I love my gardening time with my wife, too. She's my best friend and it's so nice to get out to the backyard and work together. Yeah, sometimes we bicker a bit, but that's just part of it and we both enjoy our time together.
Beware of mice!!! I can't sow broad beans in the winter as mice soon find them. Watch out for little holes over the top of each planted bean. In fact I have to put them in in early summer to avoid this and still lose some. Good luck
Waggers, if you're worried about mice, try growing them in pots and then planting out when the plants are small. The first crop I ever tried at my allotment failed to come through (apart from one bean) and resowing didn't help as they were scoffed too (not that I knew this being a novice). Pots have saved the day.
Crimson flowered broad beans! What are they called and where can I get them?? They sound just right for my front garden - to go with the multicoloured swiss chard and the artichokes and the purple and yellow french beans. Any other colourful ideas gratefully accepted.
They are called Broad Bean : Crimson Flowered and you can get them from Thompson & Morgan


I have just got my broad bean seeds into pots - a repeat of what I did last year as they were such a success. I shall plant them out at the end of the month. I had no blackfly at all this year and a bumper crop. Lots of vegetables are better started off in pots. Crazyveg - the dwarf runner called "Hestia" looks great in pots in a front garden.
I always start off the broad beans in an old mushroom tray (blue, plastic rectangular basket often thrown away in markets). I line it with newspaper then I can sow about 20 beans into it. This is a bit more compact than individual pots but seems to work just as well. For a bit more colour in your front garden try Dolichos Lablab (otherwise known as hyacinth bean). This climber has edible, dark purple pods and pretty pink flowers. Start them off indoors and only put out once the frosts have passed.
CARROTS Carrot Fly !! Built a 2' high barrier around patch as per gardeners world programme suggested BUT this year bad carrot fly again - anyone got a good way to keep them away ?
I just started a raised garden at my home this last year and I love the ease of gardening it brought me. I just started composting too. My husband has become involved in it also. I like reading your posts and look forward to reading more. Thank you.

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