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Not sure why, but I am completely terrified about growing the potatoes. As you can probably gather I am new to all of this and I have never grown potatoes before. All this stuff about chitting them and growing them in bags etc. then piling up the soil around the green growth. Guess I just need to get in there and get growing.
Tony - don't worry about it! You don't really need to chit them, some argue it increases the yield but it's not essential. If you do, here's an article on chitting potatoes. The easiest thing to do is just grow them in an old compost bag or dustbin - just pop them over roughly 10cm compost, cover with another 10cm compost, then keep topping up with compost as the leaves start poking through until you get to the top. Increase watering frequency when the potatoes start to flower, then when they've died down, your spuds should be ready!
Try some perpetual spinach - I put a row of seeds in last year and we have been eating it all winter - also had enough to keep our 6 chickens and 2 guinee pigs going as well. You just pick the leaves and it comes back again. Other good grows last year were marrows and broad beans. Just think about what you like to eat and have a go.
I grew potatoes in raised beds last year and har a couple of really good crops. This year I want to grow something else in the beds. Can anyone tell me what should go in after potatoes? I have some onions and garlic started off in the greenhouse but not sure if that's the right thing to put in next.
Hi! I Made Up An Idea For Growing Vegatables And Recycling At The Same Time. Get A Pesto-Size Jar And Wrap It Up In Folded Newspaper. Tuck In The Top Of The Paper And Take The Jar Out. When You Have A Paper Cup, Fill It With Compost. Put Your Seed In And Watch It Grow!


PLEASE don,t laugh i thought last year i,m sick of throwing away old shooting i put some potatos in soil and it worked they were lovely,try this year i have put a old turnip that was growing roots in the cupboard in some soil and its growing will it be edable ?
Gardeners World prog on Fri 10.4.09. Joe and Carol discussed garden tools and Joe had a tool looked like an extra large hoe - a Zabo?. What is the correct name and are they still available to buy? Thanks
Fortunatly I have just planted some without anything bad happening to them. I boguht a kit from Wilkinsons and it had all the supplies and instructions inside and I completed it with no trouble!
hi all new to site. very much a novice at growing veg. my young daughter loves onions and decided to buy her some onions sets. i chose red baron for her. is there any tips or guidlines i need to follow . any advise more than welcome
Hi Tornado,just keep youre eye on the birds as they tend to think the onion top is a worm and tend to pull from the soil.just replant and that should do the trick.Just put 70 in my self.GOOD LUCK..
Hi Ciaran, good idea about the paper pots. If you type 'newspaper pots' into Google, it comes back with how to make them quickly using an old toilet paper tube. I have all my leeks growing in them and did all my sweet peas in the Autumn. The advantaage is they can go straight in the ground.
Tony - I put off growing potatoes for ages, looked at every advert for growing them in bags/buckets, etc, then chickened out. Last year I took the plunge and I can honestly say it was one of the easiest and rewarding things I've done in the garden - it was really easy and the results were excellent! I'm hoping to get my first spuds planted this week in my raised bed - can't wait!
cacamoon onions and garlics are a great veg 2 plant after potatos. i have just bought the river cottage veg book and it is great it tells you all about running and starting a veg plot
trying potatoes myself for the first time, is it ok to put them in the ground now?, grew brocoli last year and was blown away with it, apart from the cabbage white's (i used netting) they were a huge success, would recommend it.


We've just taken on a plot on a new allotment site. Have spent sometime digging up rubble and laying out beds. Planted some 'earlies' and 'mains' potatoes this weekend. We've also started growing various seeds. We've been given rhubarb and strawberry plants by other friendly plot holders, besides some tips. We're really excited about our new hobby and can't wait to have our first harvest.
Thanks for the advice, woka. must look out for the river cottage book. planning to make more raised beds this week and yet to decide what to put in them.
My "Swift" potatoes are up in Bristol so I have a huge fleece ready to throw over them should we get a late frost. i do hope not as I have plum trees a mass of blossom and am looking forward to buckets full of plums to swap with neighbours and freeze for the winter.
I just put horse muck on my plots then my potatoes in, then put my onions in another plot then put muck on top of the soil an lovley. I can see the onion shoots but no potatoes yet. any tips anyone?
good luck with your plot, plot, got my red onions in, potatoes going in today, got brocoli, caulie's and tomato seeds in greenhouse, great time of year this. gardeners world doing some veg tips again this series, i miss monty don, but toby seems a top replacement.