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I agree, I can't even think about gardening at the moment; without a pneumatic drill my parsnips will have to stay in the ground! I do however plan to go to Potato Day at Garden Organic at the end of the month, so maybe inspiration will hit me. Last year I grew Charlotte, Rocket, Nicola and a couple of others (can't remember what though) and the Charlotte did the best of the lot. I dug some of them as new potatoes and then left the rest in as main crop. My parents swear by them and that's all they ever grow now. They eat them as new and maincrop potatoes and also leave some in the ground that they have only recently harvested. The problem is that although I prefer Charlotte, if I go to Potato Day I will come back with all sorts, as usual, as it's all too easy to get carried away. I am however determined to try some Sarpo Mira as my plot neighbour grew them this year and they were untouched by blight.
in the north west its only worth growing 1st earlys or salad crop i grew arron pilot pentland something + one other its in my diary but thats in the greenhouse and its too cold to go and look stil useing some still ok and stored well. weather has put a hold on things although im waiting for seed deliveries by post all my planing is done just need some fine weather or my planed heating cost will go outa skew
Chantal I grew Nicola too last year and though the potatoes were affected by scab they were absolutely delicious. Ditto Kestrel but they were unblemished. I shall try Nicola again for sure - but how do I prevent scab? Ian
I honestly like every potatoe variety i have tried and could not pick between them. I was wondering though if i want an early mid, late and christmas lot of potatoes which different varieties do you suggest? Also the trick to getting bigger potatoes, do you actually cut the other buds off and leave one on? Then wrap newpaper round or do you just wrap newspaper round.
If you want to get bigger potatoes, just rub off excess sprouts. We all grow maincrop potatoes in Glasgow with no problems, so you should have no difficulties in the North West of (England)?


I had good success with Pentland Javelin in sacks the year before last. Last year I grew International Kidney as I love Jersey Royals but found the yield disappointing. This year I am going for Charlotte as they seem to be liked and have good yields. I will also be sinking some thick water pipe with holes in and filled with gravel into the soil as I have found it very difficult to keep the bags sufficiently watered to the bottom and think this may improve yields. However the snow will have to go first before I can think about anything!!
I prepared 30 large tubs and filled with compost and manure before the snow arrived so that they are ready for planting 1 March. Last year I did this covering them with a fleece until the weather warmed up. I harvested them in June and they were delicious. I then added more manure compost and fertiliser and replanted the same pots mid June with Potatoes and harvested another crop beginning of September. These were even better than the early ones. Today I bought two lots of earlies Javelin and Rocket. I always chit before planting. I can't wait to get planting!!
there is nothing tastier than homegrown spuds! i grew charlottes last year and they were delicious. cannot imagine venturing out yet as there is still so much snow here. its quite depressing! i agree with lynne, i cant wait to get started!
hi you weather is bad it will get better not as bad here in ireland set a few seeds today,inside of course
I always grow Pink Fir Apple potatoes - they are our favourites by far. We experimented with early salad ones too - Red Duke of York were too floury and huge for us, two years ago, last year we tried Lady Christl, which were very good indeed. The ground is frozen solid so I am struggling to dig up our jerusalem artichokes and swedes currently, and the snow has covered the dwarf kale completely. Can see tops of purple sprouting and cavelo nero to harvest though.
Last year was my first attempt at growing anya and desiree, got a good crop, though got hit by blight quite badly. I'm defently going to try the same variety again as the kids loved them especially the anya as chips. I was wondering if I could plant my onions in the place I had my potatoes last year as am running out of space in the veg patch? Any help would be most appreciated.
We were first timers last year and grew charlottes and king edwards. Despite the fact we were late in getting them in they both cropped really well, unfortunately the king eds were badly affected by blight :-( We lifted them in time to save the tubers, but they were a bit on the small side because of that.
I love hearing about your potato choices - now I want to get some Charlotte, one of the first potatoes I ever grew. As for scab, the organisms which cause it are in the soil (sometimes on the potatoes themselves which is why you should always start with fresh, certified stock). Don't forget to practice crop rotation on your beds, this will help, as will watering the potatoes that you've planted if it doesn't rain in the first few weeks. Dry potato plants tend to me more susceptible to scab I find.
Bought this years seed today at the Potato Fair in Peckham - which was as packed and popular as last year, amazing value and despite bun fight well worth it - over 80 varieties to select from which is a daunting selection. Trying a different tack with selection this year, we are keen to get a good spread through the season and keep us well fed avoiding getting fed up by their respective culinary qualities. Got all the varieties I was after but not Harlequin or Ratte so substituted Maris Piper instead. After much head wrangling and spread betting on issues of shape / skin colour / uses and disease resistance: bought 16 each of: Duke of York, Charlotte, Cara and Maris Piper Can't wait to dig them in and earth them up!
Hi, can any one recommend me a website where I can buy Peruvian Purple potato seeds. Kind Regards


I Grew Red Duke Of York potatoes last year but got a poor yield, so this year i'm growing Swift First Earlies in some potato bags this year.
I am working in a High School at present and have proposed an allotment project which has been greatly welcomed. I entered a competition for an allotment make over not realising it was for primary schools only. This highlighted that the incentives are all geared up for primary. I have a few really interested pupils and staff keen to get this project off the ground. We have been allocated £1,500 grant aid to get us started but as you know this will not be enough. One boy inparticular is really enthusiastic about the allotment idea as he says 'it would help the 'hipo' kids to calm down. We are a challenging school and I feel an allotment would be a great assesset for the school community as a whole. Can anyone advise of any site geared up for secondary schools? Thanks Ann.
can you grow potatoes in the same place has last year and do you need to add organic matter every year.
Is it too early for potato blight? The leaves on my plants are only just coming through and show signs browning. Not sure if its lack of water or of blight has struck already? I'm in the NorthWest near Manchester and weather has been a bit hit and mis but quite frosty in the mornings. any advice ??