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I'm with you there, Adam. I love primroses and primulas and have hundreds in my garden. This week I have been dividing up the big clumps of things like Primula Wanda which was in the garden when I came. 47years ago, and is still going strong. The secret is to keep dividing and give them good soil. I pot up plugs of the double primroses in the autumn and plant them out for the winter. They are beautiful now and, as it was a mixture, I am forever finding treasures like toffee-coloured ones and a pure white. The cowslips, Primula veris, are showing buds as well and soon there will be oxslips, Primula elatior, and later the taller ones like Primula sinensis. I have so many of the family that it is no wonder I keep finding sports like the year when I had a primrose with twenty petals on one flower and only two stems fused! As for the sparrows - primula leaves are attractive food for a tiny insect which makes pinholes in them so perhaps your birds are after those?
i have bought some begonia bulbs today but am unsure how to plant them in pots someone help please
Plant begonia tubers in trays first and then pot on into small containers whe shoots appear. Hope this helps kb.
I have clumps of primula vulgaris, this year alot of them have come up a pale boring pink colour. Any idea what has gone wrong?
What a treat to see Monty Don back on our screens tonight, the rest of the team seem to gell together much better when he is with them.


Watching G.W. last night was like a breath of fresh air. Well done Monty - when you had your stroke and had to take the break I actually wrote in to wish you well and I did suggest that it would be great if you could return if you felt up to it and run the programme from your own garden (as Carol and Joe - with his allotment have sucesfully have done)has the BBC had the same suggestion from others !!! I do think that Toby is an enjoyable watch but I did feel that last season was very contrived and the younger end of the possible gardeners are not sitting in on a Friday night watching it. Good luck I will be watching again and again. Glad that you are feeling uo to it again xx
I agree wholeheartedly with the last comments. The programme seems to have regained a cohesion and a 'grownupness'. I love Monty's presentation style and the passion he has for his garden comes over brilliantly - it makes me want to rush out into my own. I wish Toby well and hope to see him back on our screens as he has a lot to offer and was not helped by a rather patronising production team - well, that's how it seemed to me!
By the way, any advice on which type of Amelanchier to chose for a north facing border, three feet from my neighbour's fence. I've had an old, ivy covered lilac tree removed - painful but in a small garden two week's flower is not enough to earn its keep - and would love to replace it with an Amelanchier.
Last year Carol Klien wrote an article in one of the magazines about her love of Japanese flowering Cherries. She recommended one that was suitable for growing in a container. The magazine also listed were to buy. Can anyone help me.
I bought my primulas last autumn and the dreadful winter we have had has killed them all off. So I will be following your example next year Adam and buying them in February.
I am totally confused about the different fertilisers on my garden centres shelves and my limited knowledge as to what where and when. I am told I need one kind in the spring one in the summer and one in the autumn, it would seem every plant needs a different feed, any idea as to one that does everything or am I asking too much ?
mary lou - why not buy or make yourself a wormery. I use worm tea for all my plants that need a fillip although mulches of well-rotted horse manure ensure that not many do. You will find growing comfrey to steep in your rainwater butt will also give you great fertilizer and nettles do the same. I am sure you do not wish your diet to be full of chemicals - few gardeners do - so why not give your plants more natural food and let them pick and use the chemicals they need for themselves just as our bodies do when we eat the fruit and veg. we grow.
Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for blackcurrant juice/cordial please, as I need to use up the frozen ones in my freezer and can't find a recipe.
thanks for that happymarion,I am in no doubt that is the best option but I'm afraid I'm a bit pushed for time,Sorry but Im more of your M & S gardener! Happy to buy organic natural fertilisers, but which is the best all rounder for each season?
Poultry manure pellets should do in moderation for most things, mary lou. Colleen, I just boil up my leftover,frozen blackcurrants with some water(the colour will tell you how much to add,) sweeten to taste and add the juice of a lemon for some bite and preserving, press through a sieve and bottle. The bottles don't stay in the fridge very long as it is so refreshing when you come in from a hard stint in the garden.


I have been admiring all the wonderful early cherry trees in flower over the past four weeks. Can anyone tell what species they may be? Thanks

happymarion I am new to this site and was wondering if you or anyone else can help me. I have noticed my purple primula plant now has white flowers growing on the same plant. I seem to remember my Mom saying that I should pinch them off as the white flowers means the plant has gone to seed. I was wondering if this is true? It sounds like you know alot about primulas. I would really appreciate any help.Thanks

Can you felp please.  I planted primula in pots this week and they looked beautiful.  Imagine my dismay today when a flock of sparrows decided to eat ALL the white/yellow/pink blossoms.  I do not recfal this ever happening before. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to prevent the little feathery friends from coming back and eating the rest.  Look forward to hearing from anyone with similar problem.

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