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Hi Mandi, I also live in Spain and have planted some raspberries, blackberries etc. My blackberries have large fruit (as do my rasberries) whiteberries/recurrant should fruit in the winter time.

Although it is hotter here; still use the same method as you would in the UK (seasons etc); you need to water them regularly and make sure they have a little shade during the daytime too.  Mine have sun and shaded time.

I am fortunate as I have a few flowers that attract bees so maybe that is the secret.  I also feed the plants (even though they are wild in the UK) which seems to help them.

This is all new to me too, I am usually more of a flower person. So reg. water; once a month feed; sun/shade; and grow something to attract a few bees.  You can't go wrong!


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