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Talkback: Growing runner beans

My crop has been superb this year. It must be all the rain! I do hope they keep cropping well into autumn, so will follow your advice.

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My crop has been superb this year. It must be all the rain! I do hope they keep cropping well into autumn, so will follow your advice.

I've had an excellent crop of runner beans, some days picking far more than could be eaten so there's a store in the freezer now. I'm still picking alot but down to picking every other day now.

Interesting what you say about french beans, I tried four varieties this year for the first time and have been pleased with their crop, they're still going strong and knowing they do better in a hot summer means I'll be growing them again as mine have done well despite all the rain.

My freezer is full with runner beans and there is still more to pick. Its certainly been (ha ha) a good year fot them. Have no more than a handful of french beans but that maybe because i planted borlotti beans instead, my fault. The rain gave them a good start and saved my back but not trailng backwards and forwards to water tank at allotment. It will be lovely to be eating them all through the winter.

How is the best way to freeze runner beans? Mike

If you're going to use then within a few weeks just prepare them as you would for the table, then bag, excluding as much air as possible, and freeze in the sort of amounts you will use for each meal.

If you want them to keep well for more than a few weeks, then prepare as you would for the table, blanch in boiling water for 45 secs - 1 min, cool immediately in chilled water then drain and bag and freeze as above.


I've finished picking my runner beans..... all 5 of them! Despite starting plants in pots, all but 1 were eaten (by slugs/snails). Some have grown new shoots but too late and no flowers yet. Now covered with blackfly!!

I freeze my beans by cutting them up as you would, then blanch them in boiling water and then rinse them in cold water, dry them off and then freeze in bags .I weigh them out enough for the 3 of us for one meal. Has always worked and its lovely to dish them up with the christmas dinner

My beans have been pathetic this year, have only been able to get a few decent pickings- the slugs had a field day. But last year I had a great crop, and made a batch of runner bean chutney, still got a few jars left.

Interesting chat about runner beans. I realise one can place them in the freezer without blanching, but would love to hear from anyone who does this, and also uses the blanching method. Do they find a marked difference in the texture and quality when they come to eat them?


I don't know about runner beans and freezing, but a friend swears by not blanching french beans; says that if he blanches them they become soggy.

I cut my beans and put them in freezer i dont blanch them. but i alllways put them in cold water to cook. they tast great .


As I said above, if I'm going to eat them within a few weeks I don't blanch.  If I want to keep them any longer than that I do blanch.  

If I'm preparing a large batch I'll do things properly and blanch them.  If its just one or two portions I don't - therefore I make sure I label them showing which method I've used and a use by date.

The blanched ones are a bit better in texture in my opinion, but my other half says he can't tell the difference.


Am I the only one who hasn't had a fresh home grown runner bean this year?  The runner and french beans were a complete disaster!  My other half blames the weather, too cold and not enough water!  "What here in sunny Devon".

Well I'm in sunny Devon - Teignbridge too. My climbing French beans have produced 2 or 3 beans, those that survived the slugs and monsoon. 2 runners survived, I've had maybe a pound or so off them, and that's only been in the last couple of weeks. Have had 3 ripe gardener's delight so far, though a beef tomato is finally now cutting courgettes. Cucumbers have woken up too...just in time for the first frosts!
I pick runner beans, cut them up, weigh, bag up and freeze immediately. They are as fresh n tasty 6 months later as they were when picked. Simple. Straightforward.



If you have a crop to pick...

 I can't pick them quick enough before another bowl full's ready to be picked. There's more than enough frozen and the plants are still flowering. Noticed some beans yesterday hiding behind the leaves which have got a tab bit on the large size so have thrown in the towel to let them go to seed before I start looking like a bean.   

Havent tried putting beans in freezer without blanching them first. Will give it a go next year as they are all finished for this year. Im relying on me remembering to do it though. Out for lunch today so no bean eating today. My daughter starts her uni course on monday so its a wish you luck lunch really.


My Runner beans just keep on giving this year!  I really is a fantastic year for them! There must be 20+ flowers ready to open and set (although the production of beans will gradually reduce) so I should carry be able to on eating them this month I am planning to grow a green manure (hungarian grazing rye) but I just can't get to doing it yet due to the runners and courgettes! Have anything eles been successful this year?

query.. I saved seed last year of dwarf why this year when planted did they all turn into high climbers..