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I had two different ones of this plant, don't know what kind though.I had them both in a large clay pot and one overgrew the other and killed it off. I was gutted !! It is nice to see all the different kinds tho.
does anyone have any info on propogating? I had a large full pot on a wall which got knocked off by a cat and now some of the rosettes have broken off. I am hoping that they will be ok and start to root if I replant them. I would also like to try and divide the large pot up into about three. Is it ok to carfeully divide the rosettes and replant ??? Any advice gratefully received.
I grow a number of different sempervivums in containers.My major problem is caused by birds pulling out the rosettes, completely ruining the clumps.I thought in the spring they were after nesting material but the problem has returned.I resorted to covering the containers with mesh but this spoils the appearance.Anyone have a cause and cure?
I have had some of these houseleeks growing in pots outside for years without really doing anything to them they have survived year on year. Amazing little plants.
my first year trying to grow houseleeks in containers. My octogerian next door neighbour has for years been growing them successfully with little attention to their care!


How shallow can they be planted?

i started with  six hens and chicks, in the spring, now i have around sixty babys all doing well. i am totaly addicted to them, so much so ive brought seeds,for next year. my problem is i see beautiful types on ebay they are very expensive.

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