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I have my strawberry plants 6 off planted in four Strawberry pots, early season variety Marsh Mello. Fruited very well, fat evenly grown lovely juicy sweet strawbs. However I have noticed that the last few strawbs I have eaten have tasted quite bitter, I wondered why this may be, perhaps they are lacking something in the potting compost and if so, any thoughts on what I should feed them with?
Like you Jane a lot of our strawberries are turned into jam but we freeze them in 4lb lots and make the jam as we need it - we have a chest freezer. I don't mind that the jam doesn't set we just enjoy it as it is. It lasts longer as you cann't put too much on your scones or it runs off - great when you have greedy children in the house.
florence seems to be the strawberry of choice for taste - Hugh F-W and his guests voted it the tastiest on his show last week too. My plants gave out after two cropping seasons, and didn't make runners - what am I doing wrong?
Can anyone tell me why my strawberry plant has very little fruit and hardly any flowers, I haven't fed it could this be the reason?
If I trim off runners, wil I get a bigger crop? I'm growing 6 varieties in a growbag and have had some early success but now we just appear to be getting small berries. However there are lots of runners - they are everywhere. Can I just clip them to focus the energy into the existing fruits?


I am new to growing Strawberries, could any one tell me how long does 1 planet last for, is for 1 season or longer.
we have also grown some Gigantia Strawberries this year and they are as big as they say and taste wonderful too. be jsut grow in pots and hanging baskets. Feed once a week and water well.
Now I'm confused. I thought you should clear strawberries after 2-3 years and not plant in the same patch for a couple of years. Could someone clarify this for me.
my best strawberries this year were the one's I grew in a big hanging basket, however I did cover the soil with an old straw like basket liner for the strawberries to lay on to ripen,all as clean as a whistle, the basket hangs in my apple tree and I feed them with tomato feed.
I have some in baskets that arnt doing so well (not much fruit) but also a pot that survived the winter is thriving in this sunshine, I noticed a huge almost ripe one which this morning was greedly pecked to nothing by a baby blackbird...sigh! I have now moved it into my greenhouse out of their way .
Hi all, My strawberries are done now-I planted about 10 plants into two different strawberry planters. I have quite a few runners-what do I do now? Leave the old plants-this is their first year-do I repot them? What do I do with the runners?
HELP PLEASE I'm looking to grow my strawberries from seed the variety i'm looking for is called la Santa or something similar can anybody help with a stockist
Please can you help me my august raspberries are completely blind no flowers on them this is the second year they have this.I cut them right down to the soil and still they will come to nothing
i trimmed back my strawbs at the end of friuting last year (i grow in raised beds and cover the soil with permeable black fabric)but the leaves grew back thick and fast. should i uncover the soil now and/or cut the (many) leaves back again before spring or leave them. when should i cover with fleece/polythene
I recently bought 4 strawberry plants. They were all doing well and managed to get a few strawberries off them. However 2 of the plants have now went all brown and look dead. The other 2 plants have produced their flowers, but the strawberry bud is starting to go brown. Can anyone advise me what to do? I feed them with a tomato feed every 2 weeks.


I have 3 plants high on a sunny wall in a hay rack and this year the fruit is so juicy and sweet after 4 years. Just below them in 2 tomato planters I have planted 6 more and the fruit is cropping and very delicious. The only problem having them at this level my little Westie Chili keeps eating them as soon as they ripen. They plants have a good watering each evening to aid their growth in this beautiful weather.

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