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It's got to be Ferline for me again. I get blight badly here and the Ferline were hardly touched last year. Good tasting tomatoes & lots of them.
JohnSouthWest – this problem-solving project on tomato leaf mould might help you Greenfingers – Gardener’s Delight is a good, reliable variety for growing outdoors. It will need staking though. For hanging baskets and pots try ‘Tumbling Tom’ Stingle – I would grow a bush variety, such as ‘Tumbling Tom’ or ‘Gartenperle’. Sow seeds now. This video project on growing tomatoes from seed may help you get started: Dave –You won’t need to heat the greenhouse at night to grow the tomatoes, but there is still the risk of frost now, which could kill any emerging seedlings. If you can rig up a heated propagator in the greenhouse you will get better results and avoid frost damage. Alternatively, raise the seed indoors and transplant to the greenhouse later on. Look here for more information on tomato blight. Happy tomato growing! Kate
Last year, outside I grew Koralik, a Russian variety I believe. Cherry size, not a trace of blight, good flavour and they went on and on!
I grew Rosada on Toby's recommendation, got the last packet of seeds in the garden centre, and they were fabulous! Took a while for them to get flowering, quite leggy plants which reached the roof of the greenhouse so I tied them into the roof. The fruit grew to around 1 and a half inches long and the flavour was intense, complex and sweet, really deep. I took extras into work, everyone got that look of surprise at how tangy and gorgeous they were, well worth growing. This year I ordered them online so I wouldn't miss them, and I also got a packet of Sungold so I can compare the two, really looking forwards to my tomato heaven (or in Mr Spud's case, tomato hell!)


I would like to see a statue erected of the person who bred Moneymaker. We could all visit it and pelt it with the balls of soggy cotton wool it so closely resembles.
I too had lots and lots of tomatoes on my patio and in the greenhouse, tomatoes everywhere, they were lovely and tasty (even my Doberman, Rio loved to eat them as they were picked) they were Zucchero from B & Q most of them were cherry size and not plum. This year I am trying Suttons Faworyt tasty beefsteak tomato for a change. Last year was my first time gardening and growing and I loved it, I built my greenhouse myself and it took me 4 days from start to finish and I only had 4 spare hours in the morning before going to work. Not bad eh! :) - great grow your own veg kits. The only space you need is a pation or balcony!
I grew Ailsa Craig last year in my greenhouse. My first ever attempt at growing tomatoes. Apart from losing a few pounds to the dreaded Tomato Moth they where fantastic. Some fruits as big as your fist and the taste was lovely. I can recommend Ailsa's. This year I'm growing Roma and Tamina - which is supposed to fruit early.
Russia 117, brandywine, also the pink one, omar, core di bue, red pear from franchi, isis candy, etc.
I'm getting on a bit now,would just like to ask questions about the basics (Green fingered I am not!)Started gardening a bit too late,small garden,loads of patio plants,I grow what I like to eat,still trying to work out how I grow a Curry!
I used to grow Tigerella and liked the taste but last year I tried Sakura a good crop and good flavour.
I recommend sungold - had high yield from early summer last year - super tasty - far superior to gardeners delight
Our problem in Southren Sudan is only that we don, t have best skills and knowledge on Agriculture. people don, t know the importance of vegetables.


I Recomended moneymaker variety becuase most of the farmers are depending on only food consumption production without incomes.
I started Money Maker & Ailsa Craig Toms early in march in my hothouse with undersoil heating on 24 hours. They all grew to apprx 2 inch high and when transplanted they seemed to live for a few days then all just diintigrated to nothing. I'm now left with NO Toms, what have I done wrong and do i still have time to start again. How long does it take from seed to tomatoe plants haveing fruit on them ? Help1111 Wullie
Have you tried Ildi. These are a small yellow plum variety that grow in large clusters. They are very sweet and very prolific. We have been growing them for about 12 years.
floridity and summer sweet (if you can find it0 - both mini plum and very sweet with very good taste. I'm trying Amish Paste as a cooking tomato this year. Last year it was Black Krim (very good) and Costalutta Fiorentino. I always try at least one new variety each year, all grown in the soil in the greenhouse.
Marmalade bush tomatoes grown outside in a ring culture - sunken bottomless flower pot for space saving with straw mulch produced a high yield with very little watering! I find pear tomatoes (cordon) grown in a very large planter outside produced "clusters" like grapes that have ripen compared to the ones grown in the soil or greenhouse! Save egg shells (calcium) and crush and add with fish blood and bone (from the Pound shop) mixed into the "transplant" soil (after four years of trying to grow tomatoes - you do need to feed the plant initially for depeleted soil and for strong growth to withstand wind loadings if grown outside! ) This year, I'm trying out the very large planter with capillary wick to a 30 litre "water" reservoir (bag in a potato planter) with an small air gap between the two containers to compare the "control" normal planter yields...