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I need to know WHERE OR HOW you can get the Koralik tomato seeds!? It seems that certain places don't have it- even in a seed centre! Can we get it online? instead?
I've been a small time gardener & veg grower for a number of years but had never suffered the dreaded blight! It got my potatoes & tomatoes last years. For once I grew the greenhouse tomatoes in grow bags and due to new veg plot being put together my spuds were also in bags. Outdoor tomatoes straight into soil. However, NOTHING WAS SPARED!! Normally I’d tip the compost from bags back into garden & dig in, but I couldn’t make up my mind up whether this was a good idea or not & so the bags still sit there..... Is it safe & if not what to do with it??? Can somebody help me with this blight plight??
I was given an Azalea a couple of years ago and have kept it as a house plant. I put it outside last summer and brought it inside in September and it just finished blooming. I would like to plant it outside in my garden but wondering if it will die and if there are inside and outside Azaleas


I have several box plants taken as cuttings from bought plants. Some have turned a rusty brown but still very much alive.If anyone can shed some light on my plight I would be very grateful
I have planted tomato seeds 'Minibel' (which were free on the front of the magazine) and Thompson and Morgan 'Ailsa Craig'.I started them of with a plastic bag over the top of the pot and they germinated really quickly. Both varities are doing equally as well at the moment.
We're in our second year of growing tomatoes. Year 1, last year was a disaster when they all died. We're not deterred and this year we're aiming for success with our very own crop. This blog is reassuring and will be referring to at regular intervals to make sure we doing the right thing. Keep up with our joys and trials of growing, sowing and planting at We've even attempted to grow a date palm!
i have been growning tomatoes from seed has anyone got any tips how to get young plants really thick and strong mine usually start off quite skinny
don't foreget gardeners not to grow tomatoes and potatos near to one and other or you can spread blight from one to the other, and don't foreget to take the bits that you nip out from your tomatoes and plant them up to make new plants they will fruit this year as they are the same age as exsisting plants.
Please can someone give me some basic advice about caring for tomatoe seedlings. i have been entrusted with my fathers tomatoe plants which are in his green house whilst he is away. he has now been delayed by the volcanic ash problem and i am worried i may let him down by not caring for these plants correctly. they are about 5 inches tall now, about three sets of leaves and some have flowers coming. they are in approx 3" pots. i know at some point i am supposed to pinch out the tops, but when please. i will re pot them this weekend into slightly bigger pots. they are well watered and warm. any advice gratefully received ! BB93
hi i started growing some mint from seed and today i saw a little tiny leaf with a purply stem. is this a mint seedling or is it something to be worried about
has anyone grown toms in those upside down pots? I have 4 tiny plants in and already they are twisting to the light trying to right themselves!!HELP please.


Tomatoes are one of the most common vegetables all over the world. They are quickly growing plants and are favorite among most amateur gardeners so as me. I will start to grow tomatoes in my farm and now learning watever i can about them, thanks for information. I also found another good site about tomatoes and so many other methods of agriculturing, i recommend you to take a look.
Hi i have 3 tomatatoe plants in growing bags in the greenhouse. they have now reached the top of the geenhouse. Do i need to cut the top of each branch? there are only i need to pollenate them and if so how? Thasnk you!! oliver
Am growing San Marzano toms this year, outside. First time. Have hunted online for info about support and pinching out. Can anyone help - do I pinch out or let them run sideways? Have not done plum toms before. thanks v much
I grew Gartenperle tomatoes from seed. They are heavy with flowers and look great. They are on a south-facing patio. Unfortunately, though, not one fruit has appeared. Any advice please.