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For those who are asking for some advice and tips on how to grow tomatoes. This site is good for you..
Growing tomatoes is such a great and rewarding hobby. Home grown tomatoes also are much fresher and juicier than store bought tomatoes. You can just go grab one off the vine, and they will grow much bigger with some tomato growing tips.
i had the same problem last year. could not figure out for the life of me why i had so many flowers and no fruit. i am also trying to work out when to pinch out the sideshoots. my plants are now fairly advanced and the outdoors ones are now flowering, but the sideshoots seem to be the only ones producing flowers. should i remove the lower leaf only stem instead to encourage fruit? utterly confused!!!!
Pinch out side shoots on tall varieties and you can also remove leaf branches up to the first truss. This keep the plants healthy and aerated around the base. No need to remove side shoots on bush varieties like Tumbling Tom but some support may be needed when the plant is laden with fruit. Free advice by email is available at:
Gartenperle is an absolutely amazing tumbler variety ! Have grown it for the last 3 years and it has always produced a huge crop on fairly compact size plants. Does well outdoots too. Another bush variety I would strongly recommend is Lilliput - my seed is produced by Franchi / Seeds of Italy who do a lot of other interesting varieties like San Marzano etc Their notes on Lilliput > Lilliput F1 (Determinate Bush) (Italy) Hybrid Cherry tomato. Heavy cropper with small round tasty fruits. Good for growing in containers if no room in the garden. Can grow to to 4 or 5 feet - it is more suitable to a container and usually needs to be supported. Excellent disease resistance (Resistant to Verticillium, Fusarium and Alternaria) with fruits weighing 20-30g "One of the most amazing cherry tomatoes around. Apart from being highly productive, this variety is packed with sweetness and flavour and is easy to grow."


I have several very healthy tomato plants in grow bags on my patio. They are heavy with fruit, but are all green and none of them appears to be ripening. what can i do to speed the process up?
I've grown two tomato plants in pots on my patio for the first time this year. They've started ripening, but the skins are quite tough. How can this be prevented?
Thanks for the tip on the cordon or bush tomatoes plant. I didn't know about it until now. The comments here about growing your own are invaluable. So thanks to everybody for sharing you issues and tips. Thanks, Aanee xxxx
I've started harvesting some of my plum tomatoes and although they have good flavour, they are not very juicy. Is it too late to correct this or should I have done something difference sooner?
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My tomatoe plant has grown to 8ft and has plenty of tomatoes on it and very tasty why would it grow that high this is the first time this has happened to me in 30years of growing vegies anyone have an answer i live in Bendigo pom
i have just started growing tomatoes -i have had them indoors for a month i have now put them in the greenhouse --they are now very tall, thin with not many leaves on - can i cut the top part of the plant off for them to grow more sturdier looking than what they are now
I like this site and have read most of your comments,some very interesting tips there is one thing no one has mentioned, I was always lead to be-leave that you should nip tops off after seven trusses and have always had success, I hope this helps those who are asking when to nip tops off
can anyone tell me how to ripen tomatoes my tigerella and tumbling tiger and garden pearle there are loads of tomatoes but none are going ripe anyone got any tips


Some good advice on growing tomatoes. one of the most important things to growing is having good soil-good moisture, nutrients and pH levels. Many people forget they can test the soil with do-it-youself kits from the local garden store or call the local agricultural department in your area to have them test your gardening area.
I grow my tomatoes outside and find that they benefit from adding a French Marigold beneath each plant. This tends to keep away most plant infections.
This year I have good crop of tomatoes but they will not colour up, this appears to be a common problem with my friends. Any suggestions for curing this problem.
Most of our vegetables gardens have started producing at least some early crops, but many of us are still awaiting that vegetable gardening prize - the first ripe tomato. There's still plenty of time to get some tomato plants growing this season.

Do I need to pinch out side shoots of cherry tomato Gardeners Delight, also, is it a bushy plant or a tall growing one.

Desperate to know as they all have flowers on and I not sure what the next move is. 

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