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This is my first year of trying to grow tomatoes - will need to keep this blog and refer back to it. I do love this site, so great to just click the mouse and get so much free info!
Did get blight last year and ruined the plum toms and affected some others but still had a pretty good crop of mixed varieties. The bush toms were completely unaffected.
Haven't grown any toms for a few years but have been inundated with packets of seed, so will just have to grow some this year. Our patio faces South and gets very warm in Summer. Just have to keep up with the watering.
my 1st time 2 years ago i brought 2 tomatoes beefeater and money maker put them in my front garden and my kids ate 1 each on the way to school lovely but last year all mine got blight its luck of the draw weather wise going to try a small net circle to block the cold wind from them this year see how that goes
This will be my third year of growing tomatoes. The first year I grew them inside my greenhouse and outside on my veggie plot, the ones outside got blight and then it was transferred into the greenhouse (probably by me), I lost about 30 plants. So last year after thoroughly disinfecting the greenhouse I only grew them inside in grow bags-12 plants of assorted varieties. I didn't pollinate them myself, but I did grow lots of marigold's with them, to stop whitefly and I left the door and window's open during the day so the bees could do the pollinating for me. I had such a huge crop that I had to give lots away even after making more tomato sauce than my freezer could cope with and having tomatoes with nearly every meal. My husband said he didn't want to look at another tomato, so I promised him I would cut down on the number of plants I grow this year - probably!! I keep telling him how good they are for you, full of cancer fighting Licopene.


Mmmm sounds good Dahlia Lover. I'd love to be able to grow so many tomatoes that I could make pasta sauce to freeze to use over the winter. I've got about 10 plants growing at the moment but am resisting the urge to sow more seeds as I really don't have the space. Hope you avoid blight this year! Whitevan I'm jealous of your south-facing patio - your tomatoes will love it! Good luck Laineyfaefife! Kate
Cute. Hmmm. That's a very curious adjective Kate. I'll have a look through some of my shieldbug monographs, but I doubt I'll find that one used. I once, rather flippantly, dismissed the green shieldbug as a harmless garden ornament, and I was immediately harangued by some poor gardener who'd had her broadbeans ravaged by them. Oops.
Ha ha! Yes I remember that Richard. Oh come on, you've got to admit they're cute. When they're little babies and they run around on the plants and fall off? They're like little turtles. Brought me no end of amusement last summer. I hope I managed to bring some with me when I moved house. Kate
This is my third year of growing tomatoes. The first year I only grew gardeners delight and had a good crop. second year I grew gardeners delight and Alicante both indoors and outdoors and we had a bumper crop. We had tomatoes right up to October last year. eventually we got fed up with them and threw them in the compost bin. I must must say that the tomatoes were lovely and all the family and neighbours enjoyed them. hope to get a good crop this year.
Forgot to say that I always close the windows and door of the greenhouse when it rains because I understand that's how blight spreads?
Sorry also forgot to say that when I plant tomatoes in grow bags I put tall pots with the bottom cut out in the bags and plant the tomatoes into the pot, this gives you more soil to grow in and helps to retain water too. The pots are the type that you buy roses in.
Whatever you are growing be vigilant about the vine weevil. I gather that they have just stated to be active in the Scottish Border area and the cold does not seem to discourage the very much. I believe that the organic methods don't work till the soil warms up so I suppose the physical barriers are the only option for food crops. What does everybody else think?
Years ago when my father in law had a nursery and grew glass houses full of tomatoes, I sure I can remember him 'nipping the tops out' is this not done anymore, or did I dream it.
I always pinch the tops off my tomatoes when they reach the roof of my greenhouse, you have to be alert though because this stimulates new growth at the base and more between the leaf axles (I think that's what you call it) which need to be pinched out also.
Thanks for that Dahlia Lover, I will bear it in mind. I do not have a greenhouse but am going to try one of those mini tomato houses this year, so will probably need to nip out tops and will follow you advice about keeping an eye on base


Hi What are the top three tomato plants most resistant to Blight, as for the last 3 yrs I have had a terrible crop due to this problem, I want to give this years tomatoes a fighting chance to survive.
Do tomato seeds need light to germinate? Mine have been in the airing cupboard and only one has germinated.Or could it have been TOO warm.....?
I lost several years tom crops to blight. Last year I tried something I'd seen in gardens in the Black Forest, where they know a thing or two about wet summers. They grow outdoor tomatoes under a "roof" - make a framework of poles, then fasten clear plastic over the top (not down the sides) or use a rigid sheet of plastic for the roof. Think one of those mini greenhouses, but with just a roof, no sides. This protects the toms from excess rain splashing down on them, which spreads the blight spores. I tried it last year, and it worked!
all I hope is that by saying this I don't put the mockers on things I grow tomato's in the green house and in the garden and never suffered blight, just luck I suppose.
Thanks for all your comments, really good tips Dahlia lover and Anne, thank you. A few people have been emailing in asking which tomato varieties Toby Buckland sowed in the Gardeners' World programme, including the blight resistant variety 'Koralik'. Here's the full list: 'Rosada' 'Koralik' 'Sungold' 'Black Russian' 'Apero' Kate