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21/05/2014 at 09:15
Growing tomatoes indoors and out is a trial the Nation of Gardeners Project is doing for Mr. Fothergill Seeds. Ferline F1 is included in the outdoor ones and I have positioned mine in the lee of the bungalow where the rainwater misses them as the blight is carried by the rain and I noticed a few years back that, although my tomatoes in the open ground got blight, those ones did not. Means more watering with metered water though. I have not done the calculation on using fungicide
25/05/2014 at 21:05

Hello , I always grow tomatoes in the greenhouse but  also outside against the conservatory and some little toms in hanging baskets and some years , depending on the weather they can do really well 

I have never ( touch wood ) had blight and use rain water 


25/05/2014 at 21:16

Blight can be pretty bad in the area I garden, on the allotment even plants in the polytunnel get affected as the spores are carried on the wind, and the doors are open on hot days. Its always worse in wet summers as the damp conditions favour the spread of the spores.

The plants in the polytunnel are watered from a tap fed water butt so has nothing to do with rainwater in my case.

30/05/2014 at 20:04
I never think it's worthwhile growing tomatoes outdoors - HOWEVER I do usually grow too many plants to keep then all indoors!! :) Therefore I do end up with plants in baskets etc (one of which has blight already) and plants anywhere I can sustain them. Can't say though I really notice a difference as to where they are grown in terms of productivity, but foliage and size of fruit suffers more in the outdoors - taste however, belongs to the greenhouse, I'm afraid!
01/06/2014 at 18:21
I grow cherry tumbling tomatoes outside in half moon baskets on the sunny side of my garage,usually about 5 plants and always have enough to keep me in salads through the summer.
I also have 3 plants in buckets growing in a plastic tomato house which again, keeps me going through until autumn.
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