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Hi! I am in the process of doing exactly this 8 different tom plants in the greenhouse,so far they are all doing quite well.Another 4 plants still with all their leaves on ,are nowhere as tall and only flowers on the odd plant.Having paid $20 for this info is it wise to give the information for free
My neighbour told me to nip out the first flowers on my growbag tomatoes, to encourage more later on. Is this correct? (I've taken her at her word and got rid of three trusses of flowers)
Hi Brian, your problems sounds like whitefly. They shouldn't cause a big problem to your tomato plants, as long as you keep them under control. Follow the advice on the linked page above and you should be fine. Kate
You nip out the top foliage after five or six trusses( branches with flowers on) have grown.
I have 6 assorted tomato plants in grow-bags in the greenhouse which don't seem to be doing much at present. However, I also have 2 large plants (4ft) which were given to me(haven't a clue what variety they are). These have 4 trusses, some fruit, but the leaves are curling & turning slightly yellow. What am I doing wrong please???


Hi Lewis, when your tomato plants are flowering you should make sure insects, such as bees have access to the plants so they can pollinate the flowers to ensure they all turn into tomatoes. You may also want to feed the plants with a high-potash fertiliser, such as comfrey, which will promote more flower growth, and increase your tomato yield. The following How to project may help: Care for greenhouse tomatoes.
Many years ago i could purchase a liquid which would set tomatoes. Is their still a product on the market
2 of my tomatoes have a brown streak down them, leaves are turning a bit yellow, can anyone help please.
Gillymiff - are you feeding your tomatoes? it sounds like a deficiency probably of magnesium which can be remedied by sprinkling a pinch of Epsom Salts (from your chemist) around the base and watering it well in. john w. - If you buy some liquid seaweed plantfood from your garden supplier it will help setting and general health. if you spray a dilute mixture around the flowers sometime in the middle of the day it helps the pollen grains to do their job. I think directions may be on the bottle in fact.
help! I'm trying to grow some toms in grow-bags for the first time, I've done everything by the book but they don't look too healthy, in fact they look terrible lol. the plants look wilted and the leaves are curling up at the edges. any help anyone?
I'm growing bush tomatoes (Tumbler)in my polythene greenhouse. I tried growing them in hanging baskets last year and failed miserably because of the lack of anything that we could call sunshine. There are loads of flowers on the plants but it seems to me that the fruit should be setting by now. Am I right and how can I improve pollination? Does the paintbrush method work?
Well I ate my first lovely red tomato the day before yesterday! Had been watching it with glee for three days as it got redder and redder! Have just three plants but have noticed that one keeps getting blossom end rot (is that the right name?) I found out that this can be due to irregular watering so now split their drinks to morning and evening rather than a down pour after work! (Ok so I am learning) but it doesnt seem to have worked. I am feeding on Tomorite every other day as per the back of the bottle - is this right? Dont want to loose any more to horrid black bottoms!
I recently bought a cheap little green house, one of those plastic covered metal framed items and have two potted Ailsa Craig and Super sweet varieties of plants growing in there. I have a thermometer to monitor temperature and zip open the house when temperatures soar which on occasion can hit 40C. However despite daily watering some of the leaves are getting yellow, I'm at pains to know what can be going wrong. The plants are still in flower and have been in there for nearly 8 weeks now, should they be producing fruit soon. Or are they suffering from some virus - can anyone help with advice. Thanks.
Hi I have tumbling toms growing in a hanging basket I have not let them dry out and they are in a sunny spot the plant is full of flowers when do I feed and what with and also when can I expect tomatoes?


I've grown tom plants in my new greenhouse and they're HUGE with lots of fruit! I have some Tumbler,Alicante Santa Moneymaker and Totem they're all producing loads of fruit and I feed them once a week[Tomorite]and water as and when they need it,I've been removing the side leaves and will have to tie the Moneymaker and santa up now they're getting to 5'tall.I've also sacrificed some of the highest flowers to ensure that energy goes to those fruit likely to be ripened and large enough to harvest, the naff weather doesn't help,hot then freezing up here in Chorley,Lancs!!I'll definately grow toms again,p.s. all me peppers are in fruit now[20plants] well worth the effort!
help my tomato plants have no flower yet should they. I have grow them for a few years with no problems and am sure there were flowers by now. T have had marigolds in the same green house I have had marigolds in the same green house could this be the problem
HOLLIE.did you get an answer to your wilting problem as i am having the same trouble
I have two very healthy looking tomato plants that I have been nuturing for couple of months. I was concerned that flowers came early as I had plants domed in the garden. Plants look great but still no tomatoes. I have kept nipping off lowers branch.. This is the first time this has happened to me... any suggestions.
First time I have grown tomatoes. They are in my conservatory. Two tiny yellow flowers have appeared, do I nip these out for the fruit to grow?