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Hi Wilma, don't nip out the flowers! They turn into tomatoes! If you don't have any insects in your conservatory to pollinate the flowers, give them a gentle shake to fertilise them, and you should see small, green tomatoes emerging from the flowers within a couple of weeks. Good luck!
My dad has been growing tomatoes in a greenhouse for years. He always gets loads of really nice tasting tomatoes but the skins are so tough you have to take them off! Any idea what is causing this?
Does anyone know whether pepper plants prefer a small amount of water or lots like tomato plants. Ours are a little wilted and are kept outside in a sunny shaded spot.
Can any body tell me my hanging basket tom are looking good but no toms yet just leaves and a few flowers what do I do next.
I am growing tomatoes for the first time, not sure what sort they are. I have 3 plants which have grown to a good height in pots outside, they all have a good amount of flowers on and a handful of small tomatoes but the leaves at the bottom of the plants are starting to curly and turn yellow. I have been feeding on a weekly basis and watering everyday, is this right, I was told to stop watering when fruit appears as they will ripen quicker, not sure thats sounds right really, I have a ref book which hasnt helped me at all. can anyone give me some tips/ advice, please


Re Whitefly: put a marigold or two by your toms; whitefly don't like them and will steer clear.
I know very little about gardening. i took seeds from a tomato and threw them in a pot then watered them that was 6weeks ago,i now have a plant of around3feet and a stack of tomato buds coming on i water every day but have never fed them anything but dry tealeaves cant wait to see how they come out, oh by the way i have them against the window in my conservatory.
Grew some tomatoes(Name-'Big Boy') in my greenhouse. Put my greenhouse on original sleepers. One of my plants not looking too good after bearing one green tomato. Took out plant and broke it in two, the core of the tomato was black from top to bottom, even the very thin branch that held the one green tomato was black also. Could you please tell me what was wrong with my tomato plant?. PS. I burnt the tomato plant. Thank you in anticipation of your quick reply.
I am growing tomatoes for the first time and am trying a variety - think is "green fingered" - They are going black on the bottom, also when are they ready to pick - any ideas? Thank you
I am growing 3 tomato plants in a growbag and 1 bush tomato in a hanging basket all 4 in my greenhouse. The bush plant is doing well with plenty of healthy growth and lots of flowers.The plants in the growbags look extremely green and healthy but have very few flowers (in fact one of them has none at all)the plants are about 4 feet tall,I water them regularly and have started to feed in an attempt to encourage more flowers.Some advice would be much appreciated.
I have some lovely(green)tomatoes - indeed have had some over the last 4 years. The big problem is that they will not turn red in the greenhouse so I have to put them in a drawer in the house accompanied by a red tomato and a banana where they turn red within a matter of days. They are beginning to turn red as I write. Why do they not turn red?
I would like to know at what point do I clip the top of the tomato plants, they are growing big and tall and producing more and more flowers but not too many tomatoes...........please can anyone give me advice on this!
The black spots on the bottom of your tomatoes is called "blossom end rot". The main cause of this is irregular watering, pick off any that have gone black, cos they won't recover. Make sure you water the plants regulary (most important thing with tomatoes).
Ian Thornley, did you get an answer for green tomatoes? I have loads! Usually turn red.


Can soon one help me the leaves on my toms have yellow spots on them turning to brown and dieing off is this blight
This is my first time growing toms I have 4 large plants in pots with loads of tom which are green. Have feed and watered them but no sign of them turning red. How long do they normally take.
Could someone please tell me where I can obtain seeds of Tomatoe "Typhoon". Bought plants two years ago, but since then have been unable to obtain.
We grow toms in our greenhouse, and they are very good croppers - usually, but this year several of the plants have very good crops, but they have not got bright, glossy skins, instead they are matt red, and the toms themselves are not good eaters but are quite hard. What causes the skins to remain matt? we water them nearly every day once they have got toms on them, while there is a good flow of air through the greenhouse. Any ideas gratefully received.
Can you please tell me if you can use potash, when growing tomatoes, to help feed them? if so can you put it in the feed. at the moment i'm feeding them just tomato rite.