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I live in Andalucia in Spain Planted seeds from England 5 weeks ago and now have plants 3feet tall bearing fruit I cannot beleive how quick this has happenned out here they are on the topp terrace of our land and I feed them with diluted horse manure (put some in a large bucket and fill with water feed every 5 days) let you know when I taste the first tomato.
My tomatoes had blight this year, does anyone know if it will affect any spring bulbs that I plant in the same place.
My tomatoes this year were coming along lovely. I was really looking forward to eating them, but now they are all turning a funny brown colour, starting at the top normally. Is this tomato blight or too much water with the rain, (they are outdoors) can anyone help please.
I am just starting to learn About growing tomato my trees are growing tall with only a few tomato on the tree what can i do to get it producing tomato


I am growing cucumbers this year for the first time do i have to take side shoots out like tomatoes.
Have just purchased a 6x4 greenhouse which gets the sun for only 3-4hrs a day due to it's location.Do toms need a lot of sun or just heat??
Bannanas!!! my daughter has been given some banna seed an wants me to try them in my new greenhouse as it is only 6x4 is this possible to do and are there any special requirements that they need?? any help would be much appreciated Dai
I have grown my tomatoes from seed this year and they are quite healthy, but since I have potted them into their final pots some of the plants leaves are curling into a ball at the top but are still green. My greenhouse gets quite hot on sunny days, I try to keep the floor misted and have also misted the plants to see if that helps. I have also bought shading. They aren't short of water either. Can anyone advise as to what the cause could be?
I have scoured the site for tips on Moneymaker toms and the best way to grow. I am new to this as want to get the children involved. Can anyone tell me where to get a step by step guide to creating trusses and which leaves to remove. Confused and desperate for a great crop.
my tomato plant leaves seem to be being eaten by something they all look like they have been cut can anybody help.
help i think i just killed my tomato plant! i am a first time grower and thought nipping out meant cutting off the side branches of the main branch to help the growth of tomatoes. But now i understand this is not the case! however i do have alot of flowers on my plant! will it survive! and is there anything i can do to save it?!
I have leaves starting to grow from the ends of the tomato trusses. The plants are healthy and the fruit is setting. I have nipped off these leaves, but does anyone know why this happens?
From where to get tomoto seed for plantation . is we have o take out from the tomotoes ?
I have a greenhouse and have problems with cucumber. The leaves have gradually turned white and the plant collapses. i have tomateoes as well but they are doing very well. Help.


i was given a few tomato seedlings w/c thrived well in my garden; but i'd like to propagate it from the seeds. should i dry the seeds in the sun or plant them straight from the fruit?
i have a 15x10 outside garden with cucumber,tomatoes,cantaloupes,bellpepper strawberries sweet potatoes.most are from seeds some from plants,planted in late march.every is growing fine got lots of cucumbers and tomatoes in may and now the tomatoes are dying.its over a 100degrees here since june i water everyday for about a hour.why are my tomatoes dying please help
I`ve been told not to pinch out sideshoots from Gardeners Delight because it is a bush plant. So I`ve left them...having 2nd thoughts..any ideas please???
I have tried growing cucumbers for the last 2 years with no success. The leaves get gradually paler until the plant completely failes, I regularly feed with tomato feed. What am I doing wrong?