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I have had great success with my tomatoes "sweet million"(first time grower).I have a polycarbonate small greenhouse and they are in growbags. I wanted to try the ring culture system but couldn't find it so just cut the bottom off some plant pots and pushed in to the bags. I planted marigolds in pots by the door and have so far had no pests at all. I was confused by pinching out initially, my dad advised me to pretty much strip off all the non flowering branches which seemed a bit ruthless so I did the side shoots plus a few branches.Now I have"millions" of toamatoes and they are starting to turn red i have taken off a lot of the lower branches as it was getting crowded and the leaves were turning yellow. My main concern is watering, i am doing it every evening when hot and every other when damp but the top of the compost is green and mossy. I open the door and window every day. Really don't want the tomotoes to be ruined through bad watering...any foolproof way of correct watering, what about a moisture meter?
what could be eating the skin on my tomatoes. It looks like something is nibbling all around the tomato.They are in a greenhouse.
Do you really think it's safe to start sowing?? I'm itching to get started - going to try jiffy's this year to see if they disturb the roots less. I've also just has some capillary matting arrive - never tried it before - I'm hoping it should help with a more even watering? May I ask what you start your tom seeds in please?

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