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My trees in pots include an Acer, re-potted this year following the planting guide given by Joe.

Then there is the Avocado pear tree. This tree was grown from a pip (stone) that germinated in the compost bin a couple of years ago.

Finally a trio of Date Palms that have also been re-potted this year. These all germinated from dates bought at Christmas time. A few stones were planted in pots then left and forgotten in the greenhouse some germinated. There is some die-back which is a pity. Could this be cold please? I plan to post a photo in my Gardening Calendar.

Interesting to hear of others growing trees from seed. I am a compulsive grower of things from stuff I have eaten! I presently have 3 chestnuts growing indoors that I saved from some bought at Christmas. They seem to be thriving and are about 9 inches tall just now but with lots of healthy leaves. Question is will they survive outside in a sheltered garden in Orkney? I thought I might keep one as a bonsi. Any suggestions?
I have lots of trees in pots including 3 acers one acer ive had eight years its very slow growing,still only being 18".I have a magnolia which flowered for the first time this year,2 christmas trees one was a table decoration a few years ago,I potted it up autum last year its new growth looks great its now aprox 16".I also got a cherry tree and a necterine in half barrels they were planted november last year they look happy with there new leaves,I have many more all looking good and 2 new magnolias to join them which ive been growing on for a year in the greenhouse and I have them now outside.
I have a lovely silver birch in a metal dustbin which only cost about £15 - a bargain for a patio pot of this size! This idea featured on gardeners' world a few years ago. I drilled holes about 2 " from the base and filled the bottom of the bin with gravel to help drainage followed by my own compost. It now stands about 8 feet high - I have pinched out the tip when it was about 6 ft to stop it growing too much higher. It stands on a wheeled plant saucer and serves as a nice safe way to have a tree at the edge of my patio, provide privacy from my neighbours without any roots damaging our foundations. Even better if we move it can travel!
I have a robinina frisia contorta, 5 different acers (varying sizes, 3 viburnums, 3 wisteria, an olive europaea, 2 grape vines, and 3 different palms. All living happily in pots. Have just got around to putting the apple(I think bought with no label!) tree in the ground and it has flower buds on.


I too have a wonderful acer in a pot... palmatum I believe. Dark, finely cut leaves. The tree I have problems with is Amalanchier. This is frequently cited as the tree for small gardens, but I am not sure it is happy on chalk. I had one and it was never a 'go-er'. I would like to try again - would this work in a pot?
Tiny trees in pots I have quiet a few acers hornbeams an oak alco a ginko biloba I love them all they stand in pots around my garden but you do have to water them as they have to rely on us completely
Could not believe my luck when I saw this because I have been trying to find a book about this subject. Can you please suggest one?
I can't recall any books specifically on growing trees in pots, I'm afraid. Check the contents of books on container gardening which sometimes also mention trees.
I want to know how to grow ginger. Can it be grown in UK or can it only be grown in tropical countries?
I have a Christmas Tree I've been growing in a container for coming up to 2 years now - when is a good time of year to pot it on? It's been very happy so far in a shady spot on my balcony and grows new shoots every spring - I'd hate to damage it by disturbing it at the wrong time of year - any advice?
I've just planted two tree in large terracotta pots, one eucalyptus and one Wlid Cherry. Any care tips please.
Reply to Ozymandias - there's no problem in growing magnolia shrubs, like M.stellata, in a large tub, but plant in a loam-based ericaceous compost. Any shrub or tree in a pot needs regular watering, so if using a terracotta pot then do line tis with polythene before planting to reduce water loss through the sides.
I have just bought a magnolia 'leonard messel' for friends 25th wedding anniversary and i am about to put it into a pot so they can either keep it there or plant it out if they later move house - please tell me i have done the right thing!


I have recently potted a magnolia susan. I have put gravel in bottom of large deep pot with holes and used Asda multi purpose compost and raised pot up on two bricks for drainage.Will this compost be ok? i am also feeding with miracle grow every two weeks.Wouls be grateful for your answer on this many thanks.
I have a rhododendron, a pieris and acer dissectum atropurpereum all grown in pots for about 7 years then had a large planter built to take all three. They are beauties. Got several other acers and rhodos in pots, but for first time am staring disaster in the face with my new green dissectum turning completely brown.It was on my patio which is shaded from morning til mid afternoon, dont think its sun/wind burn. Any suggestions and could it be dying? Also my salix integra H.Nishiki going brown at tips. Also growing roses Margaret Merrill and Gertrude Jekyll 3 years in pots up side of arbour..doing great!
i have a small tea tree in a pot. now blossoming. how do i care for it. it will always be a pot tree thank you from epicurios
I have a small oak tree about 8-10 yrs old growing happily in a pot here in Yorkshire. It needs re-potting as the pot has broken - when is a good time to do this? And what about pruning? There are shoots/suckers around the base and I understand they need to be removed. I am fond of this tree and don't want to do it any harm!
Over 25 yrs ago I grew an Avacado from a pip. Now it is now over 10 feet tall,on a South facing wall, in a very large pot, its roots penetrated the holes in the bottom and through a crack in a patio slab to the clay soil below. It has for the first time produced a flower cluster (in bud) and I fear the advancing winter might see it off!! No chance of a fruit then?