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I have just been to our local Waste Transfer Facility to collect a load of free soil improver to top up our raised vegetable beds. Hard work shoveling, carrying and unloading but only cost us a small amount in petrol to fill a bed 30cm deep, 90cm wide by 3m long. Well worth it.
Adam, Adam, Adam! - Re-Jayes fluid to banish blite. The elderly lady who lives next door to us said to kill-off ground elder & nettles, she dug a narrow trench & put down Jayes fluid. :~/ Is this some kind of throw-back from days gone by? It seems to remedy everything from Fox whiff & those nasty wasps & ants to troublsome Italian vine & Verginia creeper. I don't know!!!
Reply to Dragonfly: You really must not use chemicals for jobs they are not approved for. It is irresponsible, and could be dangerous to you, wildlife and the environment.
Having worked in Agriculture for many years, and used countless different chemicals to eradicate pests, diseases and mildews, I must whole heartedly agree with Adam, most of the chemicals we used back in the seventies are now banned. If something designed to do a job, proves to be so hazardous, then why use something that is clearly not suitable. I understand that Jeyes was used for lots of things in the past, but that was because of ignorance of the long term effects. Every one should read the C.O.S.H. sheets that are available for all chemicals and use them as advised
Thanks Adam, but I was agreeing with you about the Jayes fluid thing... I don't use any chemicals. They would kill my beloved Leopard slugs & the larva of the various animals that come to my moth trap. Splendid blog by-the-way!


Hello, I am attempting to grow some vegetables for the first time this year, however I have become bewildered with the advice I have read. My plot is very small it is only 6ft by 3ft. I can see from the advice that I should dig in compost/manure for some but not all veg and rotate regulaly. As this is quite a small space could anyone advise how I should prepare the soil for best results to accomodate most veg.
Hi, Joy Larkcom's book has a new edition called "Grow your own vegetables", published 2002 and still available on Amazon. Exactly the same content, but updated and expanded.
Hello,Please could anyone advise me re growing a Golden Hop over a south facing pergola over the lounge patio doors.I want it for shade in the summer,and would wish to chop it down to near ground level in autumn so that it does not stop light entering the lounge in the winter.Would the hop survive this-I know you would normally prune in the Spring?
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My advise would be, don't take on too much too soon. I started creating my veg patch by laying down a weed suppressing ground sheet and planting in containers for the first year. This gave me a headstart on the weeds when it came to digging it. I have split my small area into quarters and only plant veg that I like! Good luck and don't be disheartened if things don't go to plan to start with.
Well, I can understand why it's applied to soil. A certain other product, beginning with A, eloquently put their case on their .com site, it includes:- 'Under European legislation the active ingredients of all pesticides have to be reviewed, the cost of raising the data for the review is estimated to be £3 million - to a small company the cost is prohibitive'. They have had to relabel their product, but on said site (googling the words may find it) it mentions the benefits against Black Spot when applied to soil Nov and Feb. I've just used same stuff to disinfect the greenhouse, & it was far less whiffy than Jeyes!

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