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Gillian Millard

With Verbena B i can only imagine that it prefers a lighter soil, as mine is clay based but after 20 odd years the soil has been improved, but they have only self seeded in the patio cracks, it seems they prefer a poorer soil, i have sown some seed indoors to try yet again, but may end up at the nursery again 

Gillian Millard

Yes Lyn that seems to be it then, to put them in a sandy soil as the ones that self seeded on my patio were in the sand between the slabs 



If you have problem soil in any way, its best to put the plants in that are well established first. IMO. I live on the edge of Darmoor, so my soil is very acid, they grew to about 7ft tall.

My daughter grows these well in St Austell, which is very clay type soil, so I am not sure they are that fussy,   maybe you have another problem there, I would stick with established plants then.



I planted one plant about 2 years ago and last year I noticed lots of little plants around and about so left them to quietly grow. The plants are still quite small but I'm sure they'll start to grow again WHEN  the weather warms up a bit.

Anyway my question is...I seem to remember reading that they need to be cut down to ground level in the spring. Is this right or was I dreaming 


I have already cut mine down. they will bloom on new growth.


Hello, my one plant seeded and blew into paving-crack  - left them there - potted up - grew on (in a sheltered corner) forgot about them until now!

So..onwards with re-potting.

The original plant just keeps dying down and reappearing. Soil not been fed, a bit stony.

Grows next to fennel, mint and offshoots of rosemary...narrow border against a fence.  probably growing in defiance of the cramped conditions!


I've grown them here in west of scotland with much success but they were quite sheltered at the time and in a free draining slightly raised bed with some yarrow. The couple of cold winters we had 2010 and 2011 probably took their toll in that garden but in my last house which I've recently moved from they thrived too except when the bunnies had their fill! I will definitely be growing more from seed as they make a great informal screen and are great for bees and butterflies. Your narrow border sounds v similar to my old one cilmeri. I think they quite like a bit of competition for nutrients.


They come and go here in my very free draing soil, and self seed around the place. I once had htem along both sides of a narrow path, look lovely, but they are a bit spiky to brush against. I love them with fennel, a wonderful combination I saw once was with a tall sanguisorba.

I'm sure I rememberreading they're best left standing till new growth can be seen at the base in Spring - whatever Spring is.


Bunny ...
Mine never come back, only time they have was when I had one in a pot . I have left the stems this year to see if anything happens with my planted in ones

I'm trying them this year for the first time, the seeds have germinated in my cold greenhouse (with a  propogator lid on) but are still very small.Looking forward to seeing them grow whenever we get a spring or summer this year!! still very windy here in Gloucestershire!

Bunny ...

Look forward to hearing how they come along gina


I have just had some seed sent to me by Bev and I think I will not set these until June, and them grow them on as plants for next year. I am hoping to get enough to take them along one edge of the garden, my 12 cuttings wont go far!

hollie hock

well done gina, I've trying these for the first time this year as well. So far nothing might give up on this batch soon and try again.

Woodgreen wonderboy

In my garden they grow on virtually nothing! They seed into the gravel drive and come up there turning a desert into a dry garden. Honest, if I dig down I find only stones and gravel dust, as hard as nails. great plant.

I have 2 types of verbena, a rigida and a much taller 5ft finer type. I took some cuttings from the rigida but they have put on no growth at all over winter and have now got half brown leaves. I'm unsure what to do with them now, will they come?? I took some rigida seed last year so tips on how to sow?? I only want a couple, so fear I will end up with non or may have scrawny cuttings abs seedlings. Any tips or hints??



I should tip the cuttings out of the pot and see if they made any roots, if they have, pot in new compost and hopefully they will pick up when the weather is warmer.

As for seeds, as you see from the above posts, everyone has different opinions, myself, I am going to try them a bit later, beginning of summer and see what happens.

Thanks Lyn. I potted them up into larger containers about a month Ago and they had roots so maybe I'm inpatient. They have been limping on since sept!! I chopped the leaves in half to minimise moisture loss like the guidance said, just need to see new growth then will be happy. They have rough spikey leaves.
You should soon see little side shoots come.
Bunny ...
I shall keep watch mine...see if anything happens. An improvement in the weather would surely help