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I have bought a wisteria and plan to grow it in a large pot. What is the best medium to plany it in please.
I planted mine in a large pot 5 years ago, I just used compost and mixed a handful of bonemeal into the plant hole. Mine is trailing on a sunny wall in a sheltered spot and comes back year after year. Every spring before the new buds open I just mix another handful of bonemeal into the top layer of soil... I hope this helps

I have a wisteria which is about 8/9 years old it has grown all around my garden fencing and  was climbing over our newly erected pergoda but for the past week or two it has stopped growing and the leaves are turning yellow then brown then falling is this due to the cold spell I am worried there is something wrong with it but the bark is green when scraped and the roots are not water logged and the leaves don't have any miscoloured spots or anything on them so any help would be appreciated .


your wisteria thinks its autumn, looking at the temperatures forecast for the next few days, it might be right!

I've just planted a small wisteria in a large pot of rich homemade compost and popped a passion flower in beside it so they can both grow up a sheltered sunny wall by my porch. Do you think they'll be happy sharing? I'll feed them each spring/summer.

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