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Why is gardeners world not on the tv - i cant believe that the bbc thought it didnt need to be on our screens till after Easter. They obviously dont have a garden!!
I agree with hjc about the late start of Gardeners World programme. It really is ridiculous. Us gardeners have been at it for weeks!!! If you have a look at YouTube there is a clip of Toby Buckland introducing the new show from a field in Birmingham where it will now be based. Hmmm interesting.
I thought the first Gardener's World was on this Friday, 3rd April? I've set the whole series to record cos I always forget it's on til too late. As for cut flowers from the garden - I prefer to see them out in the garden - it makes me feel too sad when they've gone over and it's time to empty the vase :-(
I too suffer from SAD but since I planted hundreds of Daffodils which start flowering in early January my SAD condition has ceased. I have chosen Tete a Tete as the taller ones are flattened as soon as they appear by the high winds we get up here. I find the bright yellow lifts my spirits and fools me into to thinking spring is here. So all you SAD people why not give it a try what have you got to lose.
Help please I have a north facing concrete yard which is cold gets limited sun a bit in the morning and at night I would like to grow a climbing plant out of a large pot that flowers over an outhouse either self clinging or up a trellis. I live in northumberland so winter temps can plunge down to minus ten. Is there such a plant. Poor thing.


Lots of things to grow on a north facing wall. How about a scented white rose Madame Alfred Carriere interplanted with a couple of clematis? Or Hydrangea petiolaris with white blooms.
I've ordered some lisianthus plugs from Suttons to grow as cut flowers as they last for ages in the house but are expensive to buy in the supermarket. I believe they are quite challenging to grow, has anyone ever tried them or got any tips? (I live in Sheffield)

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