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I bought some hellebores as cut flowers thier still going strong after two weeks, so l'm definately going to get some seeds and try to grow some!
I have a number of hellebores around my garden, some in shade and some in full sun and they all do amazingly well. In spite of all the snow we have had recently they are all covered in a mass of buds, some of which have already started bursting. To enable me to see the flowers better I take all the leaves off the plant safe in the knowledge that new leaves will grow once the flowering has finished.
I live in Czech Republic. The tempreture here has not gone above freezing since the second week of December and we still have over a meter of frozen snow. Any chance of me growing Hellebores here. I am english and have yet to get used to the difference in seasons.
Navrsi, I am also in the Czech Republic and grow Hellebores without any problem and have seen a really nice display of them in Ceske Budejovice.
Do hellebores grow well in north east Scotland


Hellebores are classed as winter flowering plants flowering when all others are resting. When do they start as we are in December and there is no sign of any flower on the mixed variety I have bought?

Any time between now and February depending on the type, the weather and where you live. I can see potential flowers on a lot of mine but nothing out yet


Best of luck with seed. Sadly they do not do well from dried seed. To get really good results you need fresh seed sown straight from the plant. Find someone with Hellebores and beg a selection of seeds from them.


thrifty mama
Don't know if it's unusual or not, but I've got 6 Helebores growing in my garden,I've had them about 2 years or so, and one of my plants is still flowering now.They flowered in winter/ spring and now mid summer one was flowering about 3 weeks ago and the other is still flowering, is it a one off ?

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