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Great blog - thank you! Forget introducing all sorts of (unhelpful) non native species; I am regularly coming across the issue of native provenance in supplying wildflowers, and have been baffled why no-one has pointed out the problems you mention with guerrilla gardening. Concern over losing local genetic adaptations in plants have led to some wildflower charities ask that seed for habitat creation projects come from sites within a 10km radius!
I'm all for wildlife and wildlife friendly greenspaces in our cities. However, will using brownfield sites lead to "Save Our Brownfield Site" groups springing up when somebody wants to redevelope them?
Marygold, they already have. I worked with Buglife on a huge project to show how important brownfields are for insect wildlife. Buglife have been campaigning to stop some of the developments because of the important insect faunas.
We have a strong culture of guerilla gardening in the area I live, in fact I have done some on the field above my garden, with bushes and plants suitable for the wild life and some prickly stuff to prevent children climbing over the fences into the gardens.... my raspberries have sent out runners and planted themselves on the field and the dog walkers come and pick them. One man has planted reeds and flowering bushes in an area that sorely needed some colour to lift it. We have bulbs planted on roadside verges...... We used to have so many lovely plants on roundabouts, but the council planted grasses and put decaying wood on them instead in an attempt to cut down on the budget, these are sponsored by local businesses and are dull and uninspiring..... Bournemouth used to have council nurseries that grew and planted up all the lovely public areas and roundabouts, but no longer the nurseries are now Charity based and the town is sadly lacking in beauty


i recently read the garden news magazine and the piece by Janine Wookey was a very good idea,i live in Helmsley Northyorkshire,and travel by train some times to Westyorkshire and the area i pass through is a mess, so it would be nice to have somethink nice to look at, edith waters

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