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Reply to Mrs Bemmy Why kill them? If there are aphids enough for a harlequin colony on your beans, why not just let the ladybirds eat them?
Other than humans, do harlequin ladybirds have any predators? I just found some larvae on my runner beans. I killed what I could find.
I have found a couple of harlequin ladybirds sitting comfortably on the window ledge at my boyfriend's house. However, I cannot bring myself to hurt the little creatures because they are so cute.
My room sporadically gets over run with ladybirds in the the place everytime, i heard its good luck?


I had a swarm of these ladybirds hit my house yesterday. Luckily the windows were all closed as we had just got back from being away and they didn't get inside. They were over both back and front windows. It did give me the chance to look at them closely and identify them for what they were - definitely harlequins. I enjoy seeing ladybirds in the garden, but that is where I want them to stay.
I live in Crosby, Liverpool. Today we were overrun with Harlequin Ladybirds. Is this a good sign or not ?
I noticed an invasion of ladybirds in my bathroom towards end of last week many seemingly hiding in the edges of the double glazed window openings. On further inspection noticed in each corner harlequin ladybirds seemingly holding the red ladybirds hostage. Having jettisoned the back harlequin ladybirds out of the window I noticed later on the other red ladybirds had escaped and were not to be seen anywhere.

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