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Can I be both? But definitely lean towards the harvester. Some of my crops are meagre and just get eaten there and then - strawbs and rasps etc. But I am a new allotmenteer and next year I am sure I'll 'suffer' the gluts and need to get a bigger freezer! Ian
I'm a harvester cant stand letting food go to wast. Its so rewarding all the hard work has paid off .
I'm definately a grazer. I like to pick what I need/want that day and leave the rest in the ground or on the plant for the next day. Ofcourse, some things you have to harvest, but if something is ripe early, it gets picked and eaten!
Like Chiswickian I eat all my raspberries before they leave the fruit cage (well I only get about 5 at a go, my plants are very young), but I am mainly a harvester, I too get great satisfaction from harvesting, carrying produce to the house and using it there and then, or preserving it in some way for us to use over the winter.
I'm a very happy harvester - especially when it is for giving to one of my friends. But I do love nibbling at the sugar peas and cannot resist the odd plum or blackberry.


definately a harvester,got to learn for next year to plant less or buy 2 more freezers.
I am definately a grazer, however with the bi-daily spraying with washing up liquid on the broad beans i could wait to get them picked and cut the plants down lol.
im a harvester because i have to collect for all the family , i only took on the allotment in june it was vacant 4 years before hand so i had a load to clear but when i was clearing i found this giant plant its got leaves much like a wild poppy but massive spires with giant thistle like flower s can u tell me wat ut might be it towers over me at seven foot
im a harvester and allways grow to much, love giving the surpless away after freezing every thing i can for the winter
last year i noticed six black runner bean seeds in the seed i saved from the year before, i planted them and have started collecting the seed this year, the bean is about 16 inches long and a good shape,are there any black beans on the market as these are the first i have seen, i will collect as many as i can and plant a full row next year to see what they tast like i look korward to your reply regards DJMatthews
Afraid I do both, harvest and graze. Things grow very quickly here so really you have to eat and lay down for the winter on a daily basis. For the first time I am bottling and freezing like there will be no tomorrow. So when the winter comes hopefully, there will be a nice selection of fruit and veg to choose from.
I have an allotment in northwood kirkby nr liverpool.I have hade it for four years now. I grow veg and i have a pond. And a flower garden around the pond. I have the local schools at the allotment. This year st marks has been to see me. And they are going to start allotments on thire land. For about ten allotments and that will be grate. and the local schools will be going to that aswell. I think this is grate for kirkby. i whuld love gardeners world to give us some help. Kirkby as had its problems but this is a good thing for kirkby. I dont no how to contact your moty dons or toby carol or even terry waltons. We just love all the help we could get. Thank joey woosey northwood kirkbys comunity allotment roughwood drive northwood kirkby nr liverpool. Thanks or you can contact me at thanks.
Definitely a Harvester. My problem is with knowing when to stop, and overestimatimg how much I can carry home in a wheeled shopper. Nearly gave myself a coronary after 5 hours in humid heat, & had to make a return journey for half the harvest! But isn't it lovely when you've got it home!

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