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I have just got my first allotment, its never been used before, read so many books but not sure where to start, fair bit of clay about a foot down, should I add grit? manure or compost? to help this?
I grew them this year and cooked them by steaming them. They did not break up and were fine. Having said that I did not keep them for months but ate them in June/July as small new potatoes. I have found that earlies are more likely to break up on cooking if you keep them much beyond this time. Good luck!
Please help someone or tell me who will know... first year of having an allotment starting slowly thought put a quarter to potatoes to rotate next year, all was going well started harvesting as required but then the allotments were flooded. The water subsided quite quickly and i went to harvest more but they are completely rotten. Do i have to get every rotten tuber our or will they rot away naturally. I don't want potatoes popping up everywhere. Anyone with any experience in this please help?
This year was the first time I had a go a growing some pots - 2 to a compost bag. We emptied it recently and were really pleased to see the amount that had grown, and delicious too. We didn't store them, we ate them the next day and they were lovely. Will definitely try growing them again but is it too late now (October)? I do have a greenhouse and plenty mor compost bags to house them in. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks


The leaves of the potatoes that I am growing in a bag have turned yellow. What's the problem? I have sprayed for blight.
I am growing potatoes in bags for the first time. They have been in for about eight weeks the leaves are bending over that much they are pulling the bag down. I have feed and watered them do not know what else to do but they are not looking very happy.
We have dug up potatoes that appeared to be showing signs of blight. Some potatoes were rotten other had white spots on them. Should we throw these away?
Hi, I've grown potatoes for the first time this year and, probably a bit stupidly, went for a brand new variety called Sunset which I believe is classed as a second early (I say stupidly because I can't find any cultural information on this specific variety anywhere - even Suttons, who I bought them from, have taken all the information off their web site!) Anyway, what I wondered was when do I dig them up? I put four chitted seed potatoes in one of those potato bags in the last week of April and they romped away and I've now had to tie them to stakes as they were getting so long and flopping onto the path. The problem is, they haven't flowered yet - do you have to wait for this or is flowering used as just a guide to timing?

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