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very good to read about and try out
I have rosemary growing wildly in my backyard. I also have lavender and spearmint growing in my garden.
great comments from people that know, the wonders of these herbs.
enjoy anything about herbs, really loved watching Chelsea on the TV thinking about it I saw more than if I actually went. congratulations to Jekka.
When you say "make tea" with would love to use my own herbs for medicinal purposes as well as decorative!


It is marvellous, there are so many good things and plants in the world . We must try to preserve them and live with them every day. (France)
Great, some of these I had not heard about!
Last summer I made Lavender bags: Firstly I wrapped the Lavender in newspaper and kept it in a dark, dry place for a week or two ( an airing cupboard is ideal) Then I made some little bags (cotton or muslin would be perfect as they are natural) I have placed one by my bed and all I have to do is crush them slightly to release the soothing fragrance... They really help x
Great article! I have used feverfew for headaches and often use lavender oil for stress relief at bed time - sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the pillow or in the bath. (you can also use crushed flowers) It also is a useful antiseptic for those of us with sensitive skin or allergies. not keen on the camomile tea (smells like cat wee!) but it does work.
When my children were small they often suffered with sore throats. I found that gargling with an infusion of sage leaves helped ease the soreness.
This is a great article - will also save me from expensive Boots bills!
i am going to give thease a try i have lavender, rosemary, sage, acouple types of mint and thyme growing already and am going to sow other herbs. it will be good to find more uses for them.
Having real trouble logging in even though I use the same email and log in! I saved another article in my scrapbook- Monty's favourite fruit- and found the link was broken. Have now found the article and saved it to Evernote. I will probably stop using login able part of the site for these reasons - and I am a seasoned surfer.
I enjoy anything about herbs and I think the article on herbs is supberb Continue the good work.
flowering rose
I like useing herbs in the home for household cleaning or freshing the air.Rosemary and lavender are two I like for washing the bathroom with.Herbs have so many uses in our lives.Lemon balm I drink as a tea in summer e.t.c .


Pennine Petal

Fresh mint tea is very good. I keep a stock of essential oils, lavender and marjoram for sleep and ylang ylang and gernaium for the bath.

Oakley Witch

It wont let me quote for some reason. Hmmm. Making tea from herbs...all you are doing is infusing boiling water. Put an handful of herbs in your tea pot and pour boiling water over them. The longer you leave them the stronger the tea. Be careful though as some are diuretic mind as well as laxative etc and some just don't taste good. I make wine out of mine :P


Have you ever made a wine from Lavener?

Like the sound of Rosemary tea but how do you make it. 

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