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Talkback: Hedgehog spotting

I have two lovely ones in my garden, I feed them on dog meat with a tray of water at the side, I took this shot one evening, I was amazed to...

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Please be aware that in the late autumn/early winter healthy well-developed hedgehogs of good weight do venture out during daylight hours to gather dry leaves etc to make their hibernacula - these hedgehogs do not need rescuing.  They do this as frequently the nightime hours at that time of year are damp.  We've watched hedgehogs gathering leaves in our garden on dry days this autumn.

I live in the midlands, and about a meter away from the patio doors I have a covered corner where I put a dish of mealy worm and suet for the birds, plus a dish of water, the birds make good use of this in the day, but at night for the past five or six years I have one or two hedgehogs who come to finish off anything the birds leave, for the last few years they have brought two or three babies, in the last couple of weeks the babies have been coming on their own, they know just where to go, and come and go several times a night, its a lovely sight.

That is just lovely Lynr. If you can get a pic I'm sure everyone would love to see it 


Brilliant Lyn - we have the same thing happening - we find they like chopped peanuts and pieces of banana chip too (not too much banana, bad for their teeth)

Isn't it lovely watching them?

Hi -I have a hedgehog in my garden too and I'm feeding him on small amounts

of dog food chopped up small.  I love to see his little nose go up to sniff out

where I've put the dish.  He is so quiet - I almost never see him until he reaches

the dish - he's like a little shadow slipping over the lawn.  I think it's a "he" as

there's no sign of babies, but I'm not sure.  I think he's the only one I have as I

spend quite a long time watching him come and go from the garden.

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