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How do I stop foxes digging up my new roses I've just planted and also my crocus bulbs.
Julie, I had this with planting new ferns and cytisus plants - replanted three times, then washed the roots thoroughly and replanted and they were not touched. All the explanation I could come up with was that the nursery had used Fish, blood and bone meal as fertiliser!! It was only because I had loads of plants to put in that I had not washed the roots, as I try to keep imported vine weevil out of my garden. So perhaps you could wash the roots of your roses. As for the crocuses, plant them quite deep as they will find their own way up if need be, but it could be squirrels.
I wish I can see a hedgehog here in my place. They seemed so nice and I would love to take care some of them.
"scruffy suburban garden" describes our garden perfectly and guess what, we have lots of hedgehogs!
We have a resident hedgehog. He/she has a house which I built (following the accepted style for the creature), and it is insulated and lined with leaves and straw. We feed it hedgehog food and there is a bowl nearby with water. The house is situated behind a tall close fence, and inside a pergoda. The hedgehog can come and go as it pleases, in a well-stocked garden. The one danger point which we unfortunately cannot do anything about, is an access lane at the rear of our property, which has claimed the life of one of our former residents when out hunting at night. But we will continue to look after any visitor, they are always welcome here.


Put out dog or cat food, even some fruit and mealworms the dry kind you can buy to feed the birds please dont forget the water. NO MILK AND BREAD ----------DEADLY

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