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I have several hedges in my garden which i need to remove, i have cut them down but the main roots are so deep i cannot get them out no matter haw far i dig. I intend to make the area where the hedges were in to planter boxes & use them as raied flower beds, how can i kill the roots without contaminating the soil which will be placed in the flower beds
Very simple question how do i get cuttings from a bush and when. please reply to thank you
Pleached catalpa and topiarized box is THE solution for my front garden: why didn't I think of that before? Being Dutch it should be in my genes. Well, it is never too late. Recently moved to this Victorian terrace and wondered how to make it look less boooooring. It will screen out the most interrogating lookers-in as well, in a most elegant way. Good idea. Thank you.
Update on the yew I didn't know what to do with,well it's now the start of a pigs head,it will look like it's coming out the hedge once finished. Did I read some where yew can be cut May and September? someone please let me know because this is the first yew I've had.
I have a few box plants in containers which I have clipped into ball shapes, drum shapes and cube shapes. I have recently purchased a small electric clipper to make clipping a bit easier for an old girl. It will help as my son has bought some privet ball shape standard trees for his garden which Mum will have to keep in shape. We are hoping to visit Levens Hall, a garden famous for its topiary when we go on holiday later on.


I am starting off simply and want to make a standard lollipop. My chosen plant, a vitex, has sent out a flower on top of the main stem. Will the plant continue to grow upwards or will it send out a side shoot. Does the main stem carry on getting taller or do you have to wait until it is the required height before you start making the blob at the top? Do you answer questions here? My email address is if you would reply personally.
I live in Illinois and having some landscaping redone...I have evergreens under my bay window and are having them taken out because of storm damage...I am having them replaced by Topiary is October/November too late to plant these trees?
My lollipop box trees have taken to looking sad,brown and possibly dead....what can I do??? please help
Sue. It may well be that they have died from either winter damage or box blight but... before you chuck them out scrape away a bit of bark low down on the stem. If the wood beneath is green then the plant still lives. Cut back, feed and hope for the best.
I have a huge yew tree outside the kitchen. As space is limited I wish to plant a herb garden underneath as it is a lovely sunny spot. Will the yew poison the herbs? I notice the yew leaves falls into the 2 waterbutt close by the kitchen. Is this water safe for the herbs and vegetables in the garden?
I have two smallish boxes in planters, but they have gone quite yellowy this year, is there something special to green them up again?
Hello Margaret Yellowing of box in planters is often to do with the soil running out of goodness. If you can repot them in fresh soil then they will be much happier. Try and get rid of as much of the old soil as possible - you can wash it from the roots if you wish.
I have a life size pig at our caravan I wish it was at home which I have two large pots with bay trees in,I have a yew which I am still wandering what to do with its about 4' high 2'wide open to surgestions.Ive have done topiary on hebies in the past they grow quick and look nice when they flower.

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