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I have planted Dwarf Hollyhocks for the first time this year. They are currently flowering but the stems are rather tall and it seems that the top flowers won't be opening. Can I cut them down a bit or is this not to be done. Please advise.
I purchased hollyhock plugs and they are growing so well in my little plastic greenhouse, I have been looking forward to planting them out until reading about this rust, now im so worried that its been awaste of money.
hi i live in lpool i put my 3inch high hollyhocks along my front border wich is open to the elements last autumn;they are growing ok they survived all the bad weather we had ;i havn;t noticed any rust ;but will check tomoro ;fingers crossed .
I am pleased you don't have rust but am growing hollyhocks for the first time, planted last year and did nothing but this year they are making good height... and rust. What do I do about it?

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