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I have one plant which has flowered again after producing seed. It still has some new growth on it. Could this be a sport that turns out to be perennial? How exciting! I'm keeping a close eye on it.
Has anyone come across a yellow flowered form of Honesty which may have been dropped by birds? The seed pods are the same as the common variety.
Reply to Olwen: No I haven't heard of this, but would love to see a picture if you have a yellow form. You can email it to me at Looking forward to hearing more.
I have some honesty plants in my garden and they are flowering in profusion right now. The plants have self sown and I think must have originally appeared via birds. They produce beautiful glimmering seed discs (pods) every year without fail and they suit my cottage style garden to a T, thank you birds!
I love Honesty, despite its scentlessness, that is why it's my Flower of the Month


These seed pods are lovely, and children at my local primary school have used them to make their Christmas decorations.

I am a first timer to honesty and surprised to see they are in bud now ....this is rather earlier than I expected.

Ours are also in bud Lynne, but we probably live further south than you.  However with the lack of sunshine over the past two months perhaps we are not far behind you.  I remember the Honesty flowered way before most of my other sun loving plants.  Then they have these wonderful seed pods which if left on the plant, dry out and pop with their seeds falling to the earth ready to do it all again next year.

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