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Yes, I'd love to see construction details too - I'll get my hubby to build one for me aswell!
I haven't got a problem with a hot box (I don't think). But I WOULD like to try growing SWEET potatoes if it's possible in this country. Has anyone in the know?
Sorry don't know anything about sweet potatoes but can you believe I have picked a bunch of sweet peas from my allotment this morning, and are sitting pretty on my table, all this in the north east of England too! Thanks all, the new web site is great.
Where do I buy Pak Choi plants, they are a lovely flavour, but very expensive to buy in the supermarkets. Also when should you plant these, and in what conditions. Thanks. Lynn


More details on hot box construction please. Am interested in building one but unsure of dimensions and insulation, do you use manure and leaf/straw or is solar heat enough?

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