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My overriding memory of horse chestnut trees is in the spring, when all the flower 'spikes' are first out - a bit like candles.
Where l used to live when l was little. There were a lot of wonderfull horse chest nut trees, now there are just a few, the few that are left are many years old so their very large. Truly majestic
I was reading recently, that a emigre Russian Jew, Chaim Wiseman responded to the WW1 request for useful inventions. He claimed he could produce acetone needed for the manufacture of explosive shells from horse chestnuts. The process was successful and Churchill gave him 8 gin distilleries to use to produce the acetone. Consequently appeals were made to gather conkers for the distilleries, he wished for no reward, but that his efforts should go towards a Jewish homeland within Palestine. An example of political botany?

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