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if growing might used straw or old newspapers net currants work quite well as well with star tho have net it down on an exposed site
A question about fleece that nobody has answered yet is when you use it to protect against pea moth how do the pollinating insects get to the pea flowers?
What about desert plants that don't mind cold but hate wet? I don't think fleece is the answer.
I like to use fleece in a bag shape, a quick tack up with some thread around 3 sides, but leaving a tiny hole ont the bottom side, and I plant my baskets up early in the greenhouse then when its at that time you are swithering or not if its safe to put them out or not, I slip the hanging basket chain hook through the hole and hang it up outside in situ, then I can pull it over the basket quickly at night, then its just as easy in the am.You can buy something similar but they are expensive.
I think if you mix a lot of gravel and sharp sand in the soil/pot this helps, especially for things like the more frost-resistant agaves, succulents.


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