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I find that my clivia needs a rest period in the autumn to set flowering spikes. I put mine in the garage by a small window, where it experiences temps down towards freezing, and I withhold water. Then around Christmas, in it comes, blooming February - March. This year I didn't do this, and what do you know? No flowers for me! I'm growing it over on Long Island, NY, USA, so your might need to adjust accordingly.
Could not agree with you more Adam and I have been trying to achieve this for some years, but have managed to rack up an impressive 100% failure record!

Perhaps we should brainstorm a few ideas and then try a joint approach to the powers that be...?

Especially now when there is arguably a greater opportunity to engage with houseplants than there has been for some time with the expanding awareness of the health benefits (and the whole back to nature argument)... not to underestimate the impact of the challenging economic situation which I think may well encourage buying plants over flowers perhaps ...

I used to kill all my houseplants too but am making a real effort to keep them alive, with mixed success. I overwatered both my Christmas cactus and Phalaenopsis orchid which resulted in their flowers dropping, although the plants themselves are still alive but I have killed one dragon tree through under-watering! Successes include a poinsettia that kept flowering until only a couple of weeks ago - now I'm attempting to keep it alive and get it flowering again for next Christmas, some miniature roses and, of course, cacti - I love them, they're so easy! :-)
I also bought a clivia from Tesco's and it has flowered for just over 2 months and has looked beautiful. I have left the flower stems on as I was unsure what to do with them, they now have seed pods/berries on them. What is your advice on how to care for this plant as I would like to keep this plant going. My gardening knowledge is very limited, verging on nil!!


Great to hear your clivia is developing seed pods. My wife was too quick off the mark for me, snipping down the flower spike as soon as flowers had faded to tidy up the plant!

Barbara, you'll have to be a patient gardener of you want to raise new flowering plants from the seeds. If you do, wait for the pods to ripen and split naturally before collecting and sowing seeds immediately. Sow onto pots of compost, covering seeds with a thin layer of compost. Seedlings can take several years to grow into flowering plants.

For over thirty years I have had two large pots of Clivia that live in my front porch on shelves either side of the front door. They get afternoon and evening sunshine and they both flower spectacularly every spring. I stop watering them in late Autumn and leave them dry throughout the winter then when the flower buds show I start to water them again.I just have to take care not to leave droplets on the leaves or let the leaves touch the windows as they scorch easily. I feed them during the summer and I not only have flowers which last about six weeks but I have so many 'babies' I can't give them away as all my friends and family have one or two already.Instead I take the potted up plants to the Church plant stall in May along with instructions for looking after them.I usually repot and take the new plants away every two or three years after flowering has finished.
Can anyone help? I have a very happy Euphorbia pulcheirima (Poinsettia) I have had it for five years and each winter it flowers. The problem is it is growing wild and i want to prune it. Can anyone please tell me how to prune it and when.
My wife has two phalaenopsis they are beautiful but keep dropping a sticky substance from the leaves and stems. They have small red 'pimples' on the leaves and stems, is this a pest. Can please helps us to stop the sticky reidue and red 'pimples', or the planbts are for the BIN!!!!! She is fed up of having to clean up the mess
I was given a Phalaenopsis Orchid as a present in June and it has kept its flowers until recently when they started to drop off. The stem is still there and it has what looks like some new budding marks (similar to a rose stem). Should I just leave the stem or prune it back.
my husband has seen a plant at a friends house and would like is a purple shamrock or a love plant where can we buy one or can you take cuttings or devide.any one know what to do please.
We bought a large clivia about 5 years ago in bloom, since then it has only flowered once more, 4 years ago! I have tried moving it to a cool spot in the house over the winter and whilst the leaves are beautiful and green and healthy there has not been a bud to be seen. Please help!
My orchid has virtually died back. The leaves and stem have produced a sticky substance. Is resurrection possible.
I have been given a christmas flowering cactus which measures 36" x 48" It is in Flower but has been Neglected. When should I re-pot it, and does it need pruning. Advice welcomed.


I always seem to buy the wrong compost for my houseplants, does anyone have any suggestions of what is the best.
I am lucky to have a knack with houseplants, but, when they get too big,would love advice on how to look after them. My largest plants become relegated to the spare bedroom ,as they do not fit anywhere. I am reluctant to sell them on as they each have sentimental value. I wish there was a TV programme dedicated to house plant care too. I have had an allotment, have the garden and still feel at sea with my house plants!
I love Cyclamen as house plants they are so easily available knowadays and so pretty, but i've had severall over a period of a few months and they have all died and drooped but know i have learned i can know look after them proparly, i have now fallen in love with Moth Orchids and hope to have plenty in my bedroom window and grow some in my greenhouse on my allotment, i only have one moth Orchid at the minute but i'll have to see how it goes.

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