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This looks great! I've been wanting to put one together for some time now. Anyone have suggestions on location. I've heard concerns of smell and such if you locate too close to the home. Full sunligth best?
We have used this method for making compost bins for about 6 years and it works well, producing good compost. On our exposed site we have found it best to line the bin with old cardboard boxes placed between the two layers of each pallet and also to put newspaper inside. If you make a row of bins and turn the compost after about 6 months it works very fast.
have some pallets at home now i have something useful to do with them thanks!
Hi I'm making a couple of compost bins out of wood, does there have to be gaps between the slats or can I make it solid? After all aren't most of the plastic composters solid? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
I have just got 4 pallets and I asked my husband to screw them together but I know I would have to wait months. Putting in stakes is a much better idea. I'm sure I can do that myself. Thanks.


Can anyone tell me where to get pallets from please?
we got our pallets from a shop that sold tiles on a trading estate. Just asked if we could have them and they said yes. best place to look is on a trading estate. They leave them outside for collection and anyone can take them.
I make compost bins out of pallets and have done for quite a few years, but I knock the pallets to peices first and rebuild, using the slats; these i knock together leaving about an inch between slats. the front I attach a thin slat followed by a thicker one, and the slat the front allowing removal when using. I do have three on the go, one using, one filling and one working, when the used one is empty, i turn the working one into the space left by the used one. This has worked well for me.
I have limited space in my garden .How far from the house is best ?to avoid any smells etc.
I think this project is great. Composting is the way forward.
Aren't you concerned about rats? Its a very open construction...
I've got my pallets...Shall get started straight away! Well when the sun comes up anyway! Does it not need to be enclosed though? With no gaps...I assumed that you would need it to be enclosed to keep the heat in to help the it contents to rot? Or am I way off? :o)
We have a relatively small urban garden. I would like to recycle an old plastic bin for which we have no fuirther use into a compost bin. What are the essential requirements I need to ensure it operates effectively as a compost bin?

where do you get pallets from?

I am wondering the same as yellowgrass. Can a regular plastic bin be converted to a plastic composter. They are just too expensive to buy and my local council does not provide them.


 I have used pallets for many many years to make compost bins. I place them on a level site and use plastic ties on each corner to hold four in a square. I have three bins together, one is always full, one getting full and the other standing  by. When I need to empty the full one I cut the ties on the front pallet, remove it and take out the compost. I make sure it is very dry when I take it out so that I can sieve it. It must be kept damp when it is rotting down. I make sure I chop any hard material so that it rots easier. It rots down quicker if you turn it, but I never do!  I just leave it for a year. I empty it out in the spring and spread it onto the ground where I need it.    

What stops the kitchen waste from dropping through the spaces of the pallets, or is it that it doesnt matter?

Hilary, wrap your kitchen waste in newspaper - worms love it and it will stop the issue of waste dropping through the pallets.

All  friends and neighbours know to drop off any old carpets they have because I use them  on top of my pallet compost bins  to weight down the waste and it also allows moisture through (am the same as James Williams - 3 bin system).  

Have you seen the compost 'bin' design here: a lot easier for those of us unable to do all that construction work!
If Possible make two side by side, that way you can turn the top layer into bin two when you want to empty the first compost bin, the half rotted down materials starts the second compost bin off. Keep turning your heap every week or couple of weeks to aerate it, this will help speed up the decomposing, keep it damp but not wet, if it is composting well it should feel warm, even steaming on cold mornings! When the second bin is ready to be emptied, tip the top layers into bin one and start the rotation all over again.