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hello again,

I wonder if anyone can give some advice. I have a long 'Brighton beach' garden ( lots of small pebbles. This covers a dark secret of Japanease knott weed which developed in the garden some years ago. My dad has dealt with it ( and its worked as it not long billows up each summer) by:

1. laying a layer of thick sheet plastic on top

2. putting the pebbles on top.

Now: I want to build some raised beds, the plant veg. I have built 2   3ft x3ft boxes ( no base and these sit on the pebbles. 

Question is:

How do I ensure good drainage before filling the boxes with soil b4 planting?

Could i clear 4 spaces amonsgt the pebbles and cut holes in for drainage or should i just puncture the plastic in several places?

what do you think?

many thanks

Thanks for your reply, we need to raise them up so pepole can work from there disable chairs. 

                   Thanks again Bill

This is great advice as this is exactly what I intend to do in my garden, two curved raised beds for vegetable growing. I was wondering how to produce the curve and now I know, place the blocks end on!



what is the best soil for raised veg beds

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