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Thanks Bob the Gardener

My dad has made me loads of these from wood lying around in skips and such. He just cuts them to fit in a square shape then nails them together. Bothering him to make a cold frame

Hi all, Im a newby here at GW forum. Im about to try to create a raised flowerbed.

It eill be 6ftx3ftx10inch dpth.All advice welcome please.Hope i know how to veiw the answers.Ha!

It will have concrete paveing under it.So many other have asked but have not read any clear basic replies for the following Q's:

Do i line with a black weedproof material first to protect wood and stop soil loss?

Do i need a layer of gravel for drainage?

What soil or Type of compost goes in next?

Do i leave layers of these or mix together?

Do i add grit or manure?

Ever gratefull to you all.Im so looking forward to abrill floral display as i sit sipping my tea and enjoying simple nature while listening to bird song.


Hi daisymay, as you are building it on paving, you need to ensure some drainage and also ensure that the water draining out doesn't take soil with it, which would otherwise make a mess of the surrounding paving.

One way to do that is to build it in such a way that the vertical support posts project about 1cm from the bottom of the lowest board, so there is a slight gap between the bottom boards and the paving.  Fix a layer of weed control membrane across the bottom and attach it all the way around each side (using short galvanised nails works well.) Then place a 3-4cm layer of gravel at the bottom and cover that with a layer or two of weed control membrane.  The membrane will stop the soil mixing with the gravel and will also prevent muddy water running out of the bottom of the bed.  Next, fill it with a mix of about 40% topsoil, 40% compost (any) and 20% well rotted farmyard manure.

In total, you'll need just over 400 litres of the mix to fill a bed of that size.

What type of vegetable would I be able to grow in one of these?

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