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why do my orchid blossoms fall off right before they open? the plant looks healthy enough.
I still have one of my orchids which is in my bedroom where it flowered and seemed so happy ... but I haven't seen any new shoots for flowers since the old one have grown. If I remember I did cut right down as it seemed to die..I cut above a node then it went black and withered...will it ever send out a new shoot for flowers? the plant itself is very healthy, has sent out new roots....
I found this video clip very helpful on how to look after orchids. I have two Phalaenopsis orchids which have finished flowering. Unfortunately I have cut off the flowering stems. Will this affect the plant.
just vegin
I can't kill mine, according to this clip I would have killed it many times, I have drowned it many a time it sits on Southerly windowsill and over the 4yrs it's been there it has bounced on the floor dried out and then drowned again and again, it will either grow a leaf or throw out a stem to flower but never lets me down fantastic display of flowers throughout the year and they last for ages. Great plants and take some punishment.
Very good lnfo hope my orchids don't die now

thankyou yours


My orchid is flowering but how do I get rid of a white sticky substance on the leaves

How do I re pot a new plantlet that has grown on the main stem of my phalaenopsis? What soil do I need? Thanks.

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