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I've managed to keep my orchid alive for more than a year! I'm so very pleased. All the flowers fell off but there are now two new branches(?) with buds on them. How exciting! New flowers just about to bloom. Yippee!
Good article to keep me going. Thank you.
To OscarM..the orchids that like to be in clear pots, are phalaenopsis (moth orchids). Most other common ones will be ok in an opaque pot instead of translucent. My favourite is a Vanda, but I can't afford it, and probably wouldn't last long in my house!
I have just received a lovely orchid for Mother's Day, and am a little scared of this delicate looking plant. Do you feed it baby bio at all.? I have had jasmine before and found using used tea bags on the top soil helped growth, I wonder would it do the same for the orchid. If any one has any ideas please let me know I would very much appreciate it. I am in competition with the my daughter's green fingered mother-in-law so I''m told who was given the same plant yesterday.


To OscarM.... My orchid is 18months old still flowering and it's in the original black metal pot that it came in...
Im fairly new to growing orchids, i have three all phalaenophis. Ones 3years and up to now flowered over and over again the other two about a year old and up to now been ok. But this last month all leaves have turned yellow and fall off when touched. There in my kitchen with plenty of light. Any ideas whats happened to them anyone??
Really helpful video. However I bought an orchid from Ikea last week but it is in a while plastic pot not a clear pot. Will it be OK?
I have a phalaenopsis orchid and it is roughly 2 years old. I made a big mistake and cut the stem down to the leaves of the plant. Can you tell me will it ever grow another stem and flower?
I also have a phalaenopsis that is a year old. I too cut one stem right to the base as it appeared to have died. I left the other one on. I now have a strong new spike growing just above the one I cut off, about six inches tall at the moment; and I have two more stems forming on the old one. I also have a flower bud on the end of the old one, but there are also a lot of dead looking nodes between the top new stem and the end bud. Should I cut this stem above the new stem, or leave it alone?
now i know why my kept dying, thanks for the help
do they need to be in a pot becouse in the wild they survive on trees????
I had two orchids on a shelf in my lounge and one didn't survive. I mentioned this to a friend, and he said to put the second one in the window and feed it baby bio. Now it is in full sun, the clear pot is inside a ceramic pot, it has produced two stems and is flowering madly. It is the most fabulous plant and I would be interested to know if I can propogate it. Any advice?
I love orchids. Phalaenopsis are the ones I always buy. However, I cannot get a single one to flower again! What am I doing wrong. I even have orchid plant food and still nothing happens. Is there anyone who can give me an absolute idiot guide to keeping these lovely flowers alive and producing flowers. One bud would do me! I would watch it until it flowered!!
i never knew having it in a pot was a bad thing? i just took it out just in case. Although it done really well inside one, its still growing well. it took about a month for it to start making new buds at the end of the shoot that had already grown about 10 flowers, so im kinda suprised its still trying to grow more flowers. AND i got a new shoot coming up. so i'm quite pleased with myself for keeping it alive for this long (about half a year so far)


This video was interesting however my orchids have contracted mealy bug - I have sprayed them several times, I can't see any trace now but how/what do I clean the leaves with now as they are very sticky? Liz Sears
Very good video. I was given an orchid for my 50th wedding anniversary. Have kept it for 18 months and its on its 4th flowering. So pleased. Have purchsed another and hoping I might get another for Mothers Day!
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Dont feed orchids with baby bio or teabags. Go to a good garden cetre & get proper orchid feed. You get 2 types 1 for encouraging it to flower & another to encourage it to grow. see web site

Hi all dose the leaves  need attention ?? can any one help

Add orchid feed (pink baby bio) once a week to  previously boiled water which has been left to go cold and stand the orchid in this for about 30 mins.  let any excess water run out. stand in  a well lit position out of any cold areas, but not direct sun light.