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very interesting artical does planting vary from region to region ie how much warmer is south off england to yorkshire thanks adiee
rated this highly as I have grown potato's with out success loads of vegitation and no potato's at the end of it but I didn't chit.
i like this video because im chitting my potateoes right now
My seed potatoes were delivered at the end of last year. I have obviously left them in the wrong place as I have long elongated white shoots. What should I do? should I remove them or plant them as they are? should I bring them into the light and carry on chitting. Help.
Thsi is my first year producing my own veg. I have a selection of Charlotte, Kestral & Rooster tubers chitting as i type. Looking forward to gettting them into the ground.


Have potatoes chitting now, I was slightly worried as the shoots are dark, not the white ones that grow on potatoes in the cupboard. Feel happier now.
I have put the potatoes in a green house frame roots up and frost protected will this be OK for chitting. Thank you Lew Lewis Northampton
I usally chit my potatoes before planting them bring quicker harvesting
i allways chit my seed potatos i buy them end of december begining of january but i keep them in my shed which is cold so very little happens to them, then put them in the greenhouse in egg trays to chit them in mid febuary wait until the shoots are about 1 inch long aprox and purple and then plant 4 of them in my buliders buckets 4 per bucket 1 inch of compost a layer of growmore then another 1 inch of compost put potatos in and fill bucket about half full leave them grow so shoots have come through the compost then fill the bucket to top, after they have grown and started to die back i get about 20 to 30 lovley new spuds for boiling the skin just peels off with your fingers yum yum, i find charlotte and arron piot are the best for early spuds
Karen Kimber
Simple to the point and in plain English. Told and showed me exactly what I needed to know, in an uncomplicated way.Great can get on with chitting me spuds now :)

I am chitting potatoes but the roots have only grown a little tiny bit, not as long as I was told they should grow, (about half an inch). Does anyone know why this is and if I can still plant them?



Some people are happy when they just show, almost like little buds Maria. Longer shoots can get knocked off when you plant, so not necessary for them to get like that, but they will probably still be fine.. Yours sound just about right to me.

Thank you Gemma! They seem to grow much quicker in the dark, but I will plant the ones I have next week and see how they go.


fruggle23.   Plant them now, don't worry if you accidently knock any white shoots off. They will be fine as long as you plant them about 8-10 " deep away from frosts.  

Maria3.  Mine only grew short green shoots this year as well. Don't know why but Iv planted them. They will be ok. 

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