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I have used Felco no2 secateurs for past 35 years they are the BEST.
agree with eddie, best secateurs I have ever bought.
I have bought loads of secateurs and had others given - all pretty useless, though they felt OK in the hand. Your video didn't help me to identify the best to buy, apart from being bypass. Can you not, please, recommend some makes? I have a sick husband and can't get out much to shop around.

Eddie, always wanted a good pair of felcos.

I go through secateurs every year, sometimes two a year.  Usually cheap ones cos I,use them to cut too-thick branches even wire and I am so clumsy.  Always breaking them.  I would break the felcos too....ah well!  

I'm undecided between bypass Felco 2, 7, 8 or Okatsune 103 (will use different anvil ones for woody material). I'll be using them a lot, including for chopping up green stems for compost. There isn't a stockist near to try them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the conical and flat holsters for the Felcos?



I have always used Wilkinson sword, but have left them somewhere in the Garden

Bought a pair of Qualcast to use till I found the others, and they fell apart in half an hour. So don't buy these!

Goblin Gardener

I have a pair of the Okatsune 103 and I think they are just awesome. I have large hands and these just work well for me. Keep an edge for 6 months till I went through some wire, not too heavy, fantatastic blade and easy to operate with gloves/wet sand muddy hands. Only problem is that I can't find them retailing anywhere except online. they fit great in the conical tyre holster from local garden centre. 

I think it depends what you do most, i love the ratchet type and am not bothered about the brand

My tools have a hard life of use and abuse and the potential for being lost in the undergrowth. .I have some nice ones, unbranded, inexpensive, that OH found in the Screwfix catalogue last year. 

I'm a heavy user of secateurs & use them to cut things that maybe I shouldn't (wire, thicker branches etc)
I'm currently using Wolf bypass ones and have had them for about 5 years. They always sharpen up nicely & have withstood my misuse so far.
They are in the Wolf trademark colours of orange & yellow so are less likely to be mislaid in the garden (still do it regularly but I do find them eventually - unlike previous pairs of green & grey ones....).

 Yes Felco are very good. Ask a loved one for a pair for Christmas.

I could buy a new garden for that! I dont think any of my loved ones love me that much!!! Imagine if you lost them!

Hi Bekkie

If you Google them - you'll soon see that you won't lose them.... 

They're attached to a back pack to house the battery etc so you look like you're going hiking when you're just nipping out to dead head the roses 

A bit overkill for my garden (and, I suspect, for Wakou's too ) - I'd rather have a chain saw  - timberrrrrrr....


I have a pair of Felco no 4, which are annoying for professional use as no easy blade tensioning nut. I had a pair of no 2 but lost them in a 2 tonne pile of compost and haven't recovered them yet. Am now using no13, the big ones for big hands, I prune a lot of roses and Buddleja so the tougher the better, I have broken many cheapos but never any of the Felcos but have replaced blades and springs and the odd nut!

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