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how do you collect and store tomato and runner been seeds?

Try googling - The Real Seed Catalogue. It has a section on seed saving. Toms and runner beans are both listed. Toms are suprisingly easy to save. Runners are too if you have some over ripe pods on your plants.

chilli peppers
I have saved and grown quite successfully from pepper and chilli seeds. hope that helps Watsure1

I have saved a number of seed pods from my sweet peas.  Can I open the pods and shake the seeds directly on the ground as would have happened naturally or do I really need to propagate them indoors?


If you don't want to raise your sweet peas indoors you can sow seed direct into the ground in April - I find it best to construct a wigwam of canes or other supports and then sow two seeds to each upright.  Pinch the tips out when they have three sets of leaves. 

Starting them off indoors will result in an earlier flowering.


michael mpc

hi watsure1 yes you can save seeds of most plants as long as they are not hi brids or grafted as they can revert back  ( I save toms,sweet peas leeks chillis peppers some flowers geraneiums//trying begoniums/  daisys I try and experiment with a few things  hope it helps  michael

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